it’s a miracle

2014-09-22 060I’d never heard of this product until last month, when I had a burn on the base of my thumb.  It wasn’t a bad burn, not even anything to run cold water over or say “ouch”.  But my arthritic thumb had its usual issues with cleaning and guitar-playing and overusing the computer mouse, so it swelled up.  And kept swelling.   The once-little burn couldn’t heal and kept getting bigger and uglier.

Retired Mountain Lady said she had the perfect product and gave me two of these pads, which I cut into smaller pieces, put over my burn and covered with band aids.

It healed almost instantly!!!

You can use it on blisters, on cracked fingers and toes…and burns!

Everyone in the family is getting a box in their Christmas stocking this year.

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1 Response to it’s a miracle

  1. connie says:

    Yes, it works even on Canadian bacon burns on top of your foot. Don’t ask.

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