the pantry is calling and i must go

When Dancing Mandolin Player asked if I wanted to go to the Pantry and pick out a pie, of course I say YES!

And so we did.  Mixed Berry, to be exact.

“What about this one?”

And then we sat down and shared a giant cinnamon roll.

Decadent?  Absolutely.  But a welcome treat that means we are back at the lake.

I think I need to go back to the Pantry today for dry mustard, as I used all I had while making three giant pans of macaroni and cheese.  It will take all my self-control to resist the baked goods.

Have I told you I’ve been cooking?

Meatballs, shepherd’s pie, cakes, and lasagnas are stacked in the freezer.  And I am having so much fun getting ready for the summer partying to begin.  Banjo Man thinks the freezer is almost full, but he is so wrong.  Once I stack it all efficiently, there will be room for enchiladas (even though I can’t believe everyone isn’t sick of them) and spicy pulled pork and slow-baked pork ribs (if they ever appear on sale at the grocery store).

My boys love to buy pie at the Pantry.  It’s a summer Thing.  As is a freezer full of casseroles.




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