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  1. Hi,this is Patty Jo Carter, Carter’s Coffee in Annie’s Orchard, Clark Fork Idaho, I met you because you pulled into my coffee stand and were taking pictures, I just now had the time to get to you website, I could not find the pictures, or maybe you had to many choices, on your road trip to Montana??? If you did post a picture, could you send it to me please? love your blog it is so interesting and informative, hope to hear from you, I wish I could go on a road trip with you, you are a true fun seeker, love it!!!

    Miss Patty Jo Carter
    Carter’s Clarksfork Coffee
    4th Generation Brewed.

    • Patty–I’m saving your photos for posts for later on this year, when I can do them justice. In the meantime, I’ll email you what I have, if you will send me your email address. Feel free to use them in any way you want. Will see you next summer!

      • Thank you so very much, looking forward to the pictures, as I had to close the stand back in September, long story issues with the landlord, I did not get the chance to take any pictures of the stand so therefore you are the only one with pictures and I will treasure them. I have since moved back home to the Snohomish/Everett Washington area. Snohomish would be a fabulous place for you to make one of your road trip destinations!!! Let’s keep in touch, my email address is Thanks again!

        Warmest Regards,
        Patty Jo Carter

  2. Sharon Cohune says:

    Hi there,
    This is from Janou’s friend, Sharon in California…she began sending your blogs to me when you both went thrift shop/consignment store shopping as your annual event this summer. I’ve so enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about your lives and activities in Hope and around the lake!
    I look forward to meeting you next summer at Elisa’s wedding! What special fun that will be!
    I would also love to know the names of some of the books you’ve written….love your style of writing!
    Sharon Cohune
    Danville, Calif.

    • Sharon in California, thank you so much for your kind comments!! We will have to introduce ourselves over a glass of wine by the lake next July. I will email you with book titles, promise. Aren’t we lucky to share such a special friend like Janou?

  3. Mary Burgess says:

    Hi , this is Mary Burgess, I am Ottis’ friend. I so enjoy the blog. The wedding story has been wonderful, beautiful and joyful. Nancy looks so happy, which is the goal. I even got some ideas for upcoming events. ” You did good” . Enjoy your summer, I look forward to the summer stories. Mary

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