travel day, august 2022

I had a plan. I would fly home to Austin with the Funny Grandson, deliver him safely to his adoring parents and fly home the next morning.

Why the next morning, you ask?

Because it was going to be 106 degrees all week in Austin. I don’t do heat well. Between migraines and Lymphodema, heat and humidity are my enemies.

In other words, I didn’t plan to linger.

But before we left for the two-hour drive to the airport, there were things to do.

Saying goodbye to the lake.
Cherry pie for breakfast.

Before we knew it we were on the flight to Denver. Our Kindles were charged, we had snacks and plenty to read. I’d always wanted to travel with the Funny Grandson.

Let the adventure begin!

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one more sunset, one more piece of pie

The Funny Grandson spent his last evening eating pie, admiring the sunset, looking for arrowheads and playing Mexican Train dominoes.

While he was excited to see his parents, leaving Idaho was not a happy time for him.

He’d had a great summer: he’d found an arrowhead, caught a couple of good-sized fish off the dock, camped up at the cabin, learned how to play poker, swam with “the boys” from next door, picked strawberries and cherry tomatoes, learned how to make hamburgers and peach cake, helped Uncle Will build campfires and spent countless hours in the water.

There. Was. Ice. Cream.

But all good things must come to an end and Middle School loomed ahead, not that he was looking forward to it (I think he’s going to surprise himself and love it), and it was time to go home and buy school clothes and get ready for the next big adventure: sixth grade.

I felt his pain. It’s never easy to say goodbye to the lake.

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arrowheads and birthdays

Banjo Man turns 81 today, but I thought he was going to be 82.

Let’s not tell him that.

Yesterday morning as Banjo Man and I were drinking coffee on the deck and talking about the weather and all things Idaho, son  Will came up from the beach after a rare morning visit to the lake.  He is usually studying in the morning, but I suppose he wanted to  wade in the water before it got too hot.

We’re having a bit of a heat wave.  Highs of 100 degrees, which is rare and won’t last long.

In the meantime, the Funny Grandson was enjoying his morning, too:

As always, I asked, “Did you find anything?”

It has been many weeks since a precious arrowhead has been discovered.

“Yes,” Will said.  “A beauty.”

We waited for him to pull it out of his pocket and show us, but he only said, “It’s still down there.  You have to find it.”

Banjo Man has never found an arrowhead,  Never.  But Will was determined that this would be the day, so we raced (yes, raced) to the beach before it disappeared.

“It’s not going anywhere,” Will assured us, afraid we were going to break a hip in our rush down the hill.

He gave hints.  And finally?  Half buried in wet rocks, there it was.

I took a picture of what it looked like resting beside the beach rocks so you could see the difference.

It’s going to be another hot day, so we are all heading up to the cabin to remove any traces of food that would attract a bear very soon.

I am “bakin’ bacon”, as the FG loves to say, for later.  Birthday BLT’s, anyone?  There is still leftover pineapple cake for a birthday dessert.

And we’ll swim.  We have spent our afternoons in the water as we soak up these glorious hot days of summer.

Happy Birthday, Banjo Man!  It’s been a rough winter, but we’re all still here and life couldn’t get any better than this.

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the cabin reveal, part 2

I’ve had a hard time editing the third picture in today’s post, so if you see something odd–like a skinny rectangle showing only Banjo Man’s face–go to the website itself to see the photo of Tom, Banjo Man, and Gary.

Phew! This has been a challenge!

Thanks for understanding.

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the cabin reveal

The long-awaited visit from Banjo Man’s Nebraska-born friends finally happened Thursday morning.

Enjoying a snack of peaches, cheese, crackers and peach wine.

I heard a rumor that the new out house was used three times.

We had a great two days of visiting and eating and laughing and eating and sharing stories and eating.

Speaking of eating…

Can you tell that the pasta is in the shape of an “N”? I’ve been saving this bag of Nebraska pasta for just the right occasion and Wednesday night’s dinner of ribs, coleslow, green chile rice and ice cream was the perfect time for this specially-themed pasta salad.

I’ll have more pictures when Tom shares them (hint, hint).

In the meantime, our days are a bit too quiet now. We’re experiencing 100 degree temps and spending a lot more time down on the beach, in the shade, enjoying the warm water and the breeze.

The Funny Grandson is making the most of his last days here at the lake and son Will is holed up studying and doing projects for his grad class on teaching social studies. We see him at breakfast and then later on in the evening for ice cream and games before bed.

The Born-in-Nebraskans are making their way north, to Glacier Park and Great Falls, but we hope to see them again when we head east in the fall.

Tomorrow is Banjo Man’s birthday, but I suspect he had his “real” party Thursday night.


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summer of the waffle cone

This has become our go-to evening snack while playing Mexican Train dominoes and/or poker.

Yes, poker. We have chips. We have cards. We have a total inability to keep a straight face.

Lest you think we are not eating healthy enough, let me show you Thursday night’s dinner. Marinated, grilled chicken breasts and these:

A big and colorful hit!

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what a crock!

Banjo Man is decorating his cabin and asked me to find him a…crock.

Why, you ask?

For his kitchen utensils. As in, the pancake spatula.

Remember these?

Last Thursday I made a quick stop at an antique store/mall next to the Pie Hut. It has tons of stuff and usually requires more than the ten minutes I had allotted for the task.

Here were the candidates. I texted their pictures to Banjo Man. He is not completely I-phone-trained yet–and may never be–so it was not a smooth process. I ended up describing each one and we agreed we liked the brown pitcher best.

Unfortunately I looked at the wrong price tag and thought it was for sale for $8.95. The nice lady at the register declared it was $32.95.


So this Pitcher To Hold The Pancake Spatula turned into Banjo Man’s birthday present. He’s thrilled. He built a shelf for it. The Funny Grandson painted the special vintage brackets to hold up the shelves.

There will be pancakes.

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it’s back!

My computer has been in the repair shop, but it now home once again. Its slowness and freezing up have been issues since I arrived here at the lake. It’s my “summer laptop” and I like not having to cart stuff a laptop in my carry on bag when I fly back and forth.

So…it is summer. The sun arrived at last!

The Funny Grandson does this about 100 times a day.

Banjo Man thinks about his cabin 100 times a day and heads up there every chance he gets.

And son Will would tell you he spends 100 hours a day studying and completing assignments for his grad course on teaching Social Studies.

I am not so ambitious.

I do think about food a lot. Buying it. Defrosting it. Cooking it. It’s the exact opposite of winters in Rhode Island and makes a nice change from eating the same crock pot stew for three days.

Last night I grilled marinated chicken breasts, asparagus and sweet mini peppers. There may have been swooning.

And the Peach Man had peaches yesterday! Be still my heart. Yesterday was a marthon day in town, with grocery shopping, the Peach Man, picking up the laptop, having an eye exam, and concluding with music at Retired Mountain Lady’s house back home.

Today we are all eating peaches as if we have never tasted any before. A feast!

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breakfast at the cabin

Banjo Man declared they were the best pancakes of his life.

Here’s his kitchen:

Are we all filled with envy?

I personally covet the beach-towel counter top.

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cabin joy

Yesterday afternoon three generations of fearless mountain men headed up to the cabin for a night of mayhem…well, cards and snacks and stories.

It was the Funny Grandson’s first camping experience.

He was not impressed with his grandfather’s idea of a temporary toilet, though.

I hesitated to show this to you, but hey, we’re all friends here.

Will shared some photos with me.

The older guys taught the youngest guy how to play poker.
Getting ready to cook eggs and pancakes the next morning.

So the first overnight adventure in the newly-remodeled cabin was a great success. Banjo Man can’t stop smiling about it.

A dream come true!

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