re-homing the cobra, part 2

In honor of Black Monday and internet Christmas shopping, I have listed my cobra on Craigslist. 

“For the person who has everything, a science major, a biology teacher or for someone who likes to make his own belts and hat bands (if such a thing is possible). My brother-in-law sent this to my sons many years ago and it is time for this lovely creature to have a new home.  For some strange reason my grown children don’t want me to ship it to their respective homes.  Imagine that.

The cobra is spitting (which I suppose makes sense). It is/was about 6′ long.  There is a crack in the neck which could be glued, I imagine, but gluing a snake neck is a bit low on my priority list right now.  And if you wanted the skin, the glue would probably be in the way.  It stands approximately 23″ high.

Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX if you can’t live without a cobra or you’re one of those people who plays practical jokes with dead animals and must have this.  Better yet, email.  Please, for the love of God, don’t text me.”

Wish me luck. 

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2 Responses to re-homing the cobra, part 2

  1. Janou says:

    This is one of your best write-ups! You’re too funny! You must tell us about each and every response!

  2. There have been no responses . I renewed the ad with “or best offer” next to the price. Maybe that will convince someone they need a cobra. I’m glad you like the post!!!!! 🙂

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