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september sangria

September is the “Social Season” here at the lake. Company has returned home, grandchildren are back in school, summer heat is only a memory (it is 46 this morning) and gardens no longer require hours of care. Which means it’s … Continue reading

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a good time at home goods

Check out that rust-orange plaid tablecloth. It might be on one of my Thanksgiving tables this year. The ceramic pumpkins returned to the shelf. Just not the right color, though I thought they were cute. But then again, I love … Continue reading

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another smoke-filled september

Busy days here, but I’ll be back to blogging daily (hopefully) once again. There are fires north and east of us. They are in remote mountain areas and we wait for rain. Oh, do we wait for rain! In the … Continue reading

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travel day, august 2022

I had a plan. I would fly home to Austin with the Funny Grandson, deliver him safely to his adoring parents and fly home the next morning. Why the next morning, you ask? Because it was going to be 106 … Continue reading

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one more sunset, one more piece of pie

The Funny Grandson spent his last evening eating pie, admiring the sunset, looking for arrowheads and playing Mexican Train dominoes. While he was excited to see his parents, leaving Idaho was not a happy time for him. He’d had a … Continue reading

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arrowheads and birthdays

Banjo Man turns 81 today, but I thought he was going to be 82. Let’s not tell him that. Yesterday morning as Banjo Man and I were drinking coffee on the deck and talking about the weather and all things … Continue reading

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the cabin reveal, part 2

I’ve had a hard time editing the third picture in today’s post, so if you see something odd–like a skinny rectangle showing only Banjo Man’s face–go to the website itself to see the photo of Tom, Banjo Man, and Gary. … Continue reading

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the cabin reveal

The long-awaited visit from Banjo Man’s Nebraska-born friends finally happened Thursday morning. I heard a rumor that the new out house was used three times. We had a great two days of visiting and eating and laughing and eating and … Continue reading

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summer of the waffle cone

This has become our go-to evening snack while playing Mexican Train dominoes and/or poker. Yes, poker. We have chips. We have cards. We have a total inability to keep a straight face. Lest you think we are not eating healthy … Continue reading

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what a crock!

Banjo Man is decorating his cabin and asked me to find him a…crock. Why, you ask? For his kitchen utensils. As in, the pancake spatula. Remember these? Last Thursday I made a quick stop at an antique store/mall next to … Continue reading

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