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last week’s tv and covid vaccines

Banjo Man received his Covid vaccine February 8 and I got mine last week, on the 24th.  Oh, happy day!  I was nervous and expecting side affects, but a sore arm and a small fever was all I had to … Continue reading

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rhode island’s favorite toy is woke

Our little state has been in turmoil for years.  Bankruptcy, federal takeover of the largest school district, Speakers of the House ending up in prison (as have a mayor and a handful of state representatives).  Summer and fall protests, looting, … Continue reading

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nine more days

February is almost over. Let’s party! We’re having another little storm today, but the weather in Austin is improving.  Will has his power back.  Ben’s has stayed on.  Water issues continue, but my Texans are warm at last.  Tomorrow the … Continue reading

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the disaster that is texas

Well, my Texans are still in the midst of a historic freeze, with snow and ice and sleet covering the roads and sidewalks.  Tonight the last storm system will end after leaving more ice in its wake, but things will … Continue reading

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shot in the dark

Last night we drove north to CVS for Banjo Man’s Covid vaccine appointment. Oh, happy day! Our state is having a very hard time getting its act together, but last week I was able to secure an appointment by staying … Continue reading

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all the pretty boxes

This past week my manic quilting was replaced by manic decluttering. Sigh. As the end of the Covid isolation is nearing, as is our flight to Spokane (69 days), I can’t wait to enjoy a campfire by the lake.  I … Continue reading

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such is my world

Next week will mark eleven months since the pandemic became real and the lockdown began. Last November our governor once again shut down almost everything in the state and I’ve been in my room ever since (except for that lovely … Continue reading

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the truth hurts

The Funny Grandson is a rabid football fan.  His world centers around his flag football team and his afterschool hours at the Elite Training gym and his Sundays spent watching any and all NFL teams on tv.  He studies plays … Continue reading

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snow plows, dead sea scrolls and a magpie

After quite a long 48 hours, a snowplow returned to our driveway last night to plow us out and fix the mess that left us trapped before it all froze.  The driver was the owner of the company and wanted … Continue reading

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damn the groundhog

My friend Dancing Mandolin Player sent me this yesterday.  Very funny and very true!  I just keep stitching and cutting and ironing the hours away. We’re expecting more snow and another week of frigid temps, so it’s not like we’re … Continue reading

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