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the sweetest woman in the world

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, who passed away at the age of 94 in 2003. Everyone loved her. And we all miss her terribly. I’ve mentioned this before, but she taught me to can fruit, make jam and cook apple … Continue reading

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peppers, dip and soda pop

Hmmmmm…… What does this mean? What is my refrigerator telling you? Answer: Will is coming! We pick him up at the airport Wednesday afternoon and I’m sure that on Thursday morning he’ll be sauteeing peppers and cooking eggs. He’s going … Continue reading

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See the wasp nest? We have sprayed six of them hanging from the eaves of the house. We assume they are yellow jacket’s nests, but intense Googling has shown that bald-faced hornets make similar (if not identical) paper nests. These … Continue reading

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a mini road trip and a doctor visit

We’re heading to Coeur d’Alene today to meet with a new oncologist. An oncologist for the summer. Banjo Man needs to have someone here to administer his medication every three months. It will be a three-hour round trip, so while … Continue reading

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outhouse decor

My mission, given to me by Banjo Man, was to find a holder for a package of hand wipes and a very small, very narrow basket for their disposal. For the outhouse. At the cabin. Up on the mountain. My … Continue reading

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a very good deed indeed

BEFORE: Last week I confided to my friends–we were having our first Ladies Dinner and celebrating neighbor Yvonne’s birthday–my worries over Banjo Man and the downed tree project. He had made four cuts earlier in the week and it had … Continue reading

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rock of ages

This rock (boulder??) is usually underwater, close to the dock. But the water is still low and, while it is coming up fairly quickly, I have time to ponder it. An ancient anchor, perhaps? Or have I watched too many … Continue reading

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and it’s may!

The sun has been shining, the skies blue. Banjo Man and I have been enjoying our busy days here so much we can hardly stay awake until 9 PM and bedtime. I do think it’s time to slow down a … Continue reading

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it has begun

It took me several days, but I finally woke up. Totally overestimating my energy level, I assumed I would “hit the ground running” the minute I arrived at the lake, as I’d done in years past. Uh, no. Banjo Man … Continue reading

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rookie mistake

This picture was taken Wednesday morning outside of Livingston, Montana. We had seen snow for two days. We’d thought it was beautiful, something we’d never seen on our June road trips in the past. I drove for a couple of … Continue reading

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