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how it’s done

Rest in peace.

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does anybody need a nun?

Meet Sister Cecilia.  She is  in the midst of gardening, with her basket and her scissors and her apron.  She proudly holds flowers in her right hand. She belonged to my mother, who had fond memories of her years in … Continue reading

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halfway through january

Halfway through January.  It’s not exactly “halfway through winter” unless you count December and don’t count March, but it’s close enough to celebrate. So let’s break out the coffee and party!!!! It is 9 this morning.  But no snow in … Continue reading

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my ebay life

Remember Diablo? He has been on Ebay for 8 days and has had 15 bids. He is now going for $144.50. I knew he was a winner! Six other auctions have bids, too, so I will be busy going to … Continue reading

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snow day 2022

Our first snowstorm of the winter is happening now.  Forecast is 4-10″ of snow by 2 PM. I am less than deliriously happy about this.  As I said to a friend yesterday, now that I am too old to make … Continue reading

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goodbye to austin on new year’s eve

I asked Will to take a picture of us at the Austin airport.  It was 4:30 AM and I’m sure you can tell who was the most excited about a pre-sunrise flight.  Banjo Man looks stoic but he’d rather be … Continue reading

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so long, diablo

Meet my childhood friend, Diablo, a Breyer horse from 1961.  He was a great friend to my Barbie doll, too. Now that I have turned 70 I have decided I am too old to play with horses.  Well, maybe not … Continue reading

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merry christmas 2021

Merry Christmas from our cabin to yours. For many good reasons we are not spending the holidays in a remote mountain cabin, but I did think this would have made a good Christmas card. The old hippies are still going … Continue reading

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finished and delivered

The “Octopus Quilt” is finished.  And delivered to Angela (she of cancer-care fame), Jeff and kids on Wednesday. I explained that it was for snuggling on the couch.  It can be thrown in the washer and dryer, no problem. It … Continue reading

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my father’s favorite gig

My father loved playing Santa Claus. Here he is back in the 90’s, greeting the crowds assembled at the local mall the day after Thanksgiving. He arrived by helicopter that year. “Don’t tell your mother,” he begged. His usual transportation … Continue reading

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