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eclipse on the lake

Everyone will have their own eclipse story, I’m sure.  Where were you?  How much did you see? The lake house faces north and the morning sun shines over its right shoulder, blocked for the most part by the tall trees that the … Continue reading

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blue gold

It’s huckleberry-picking season here in the mountains.  If you want to pick huckleberries you’d better be prepared for long mountain rides, hikes through the woods and the possibility of encountering a bear or, even worse, other berry pickers. I think … Continue reading

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Last week Mandolin Ann and Bass Man Neil invited me “up the hill” for a yummy eggplant dinner, with special drinks served on the deck before our meal.  And Ann gifted me with three beautiful eggplants. I love eggplant. The … Continue reading

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leaving spokane

It’s a long drive from Spokane to the lake, but on Tuesday I was armed with music and water, along with looking forward to a stop at the Bear Paw Quilt Shop in Coeur d’Alene.  They opened at 9:30, which meant I … Continue reading

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banjo man’s return

Somehow every airport trip’s midpoint (maybe 1/3 point?) ends up at Jimmy John’s.  Banjo Man loves the tuna and I like the turkey with avocado.  We debate trying other places, sit down restaurants, etc. but the ease and speed of … Continue reading

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smoke and jam

Can you tell it’s fire season?  The fires are far away, I hear.  In Canada.  But the wind blows the smoke here, as you can see. This was taken around 4:00 Friday afternoon.  It looks strange, doesn’t it? Yesterday I … Continue reading

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blueberry day

Looking at all of these blueberries in my kitchen sink reminded me of the times I would watch my grandmother clean the wild blueberries we’d just picked.  She’d dump them all in the big cast iron sink and ready them … Continue reading

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crunch time

Dancing Mandolin Player and I are practicing our 17, 18 and/or 20 songs for our gig at the Arts & Crafts Festival in town in two weeks.  I think we only need 15 songs, so we are trying to decide … Continue reading

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buried treasure

He is very good at finding things.  If you’ve lost an earring or dropped a tiny screw or popped out a contact lens, you want this guy in the vicinity.  We don’t know how he does it. And this year?  … Continue reading

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oh, lonesome me

This raven stayed for about half an hour, enjoying sipping from the water’s edge and watching the boats go by. I took the picture through the front door screen, which you can probably see.  We have a lot of ravens around … Continue reading

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