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seen on south congress

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acoustic mcmurtry

Tuesday night at the Continental Club Gallery James McMurtry does a 90-minute acoustic set. Just James and his two guitars (one is a 12 string that sounds like heaven). Austin-based McMurtry has a reputation for being a bit, well, grumpy.  … Continue reading

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long way from home

While New England prepared for another storm yesterday, we ate an early dinner on the patio outside of Whole Foods. Snow??  What snow??? It’s a hard life. The day began with breakfast at Habanero’s, a local Mexican place with fabulous … Continue reading

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friday morning tournament

We’ve had blueberry pancakes at the Magnolia Cafe and now it’s time for a little friendly competition.  One competitor is almost 77 and the other is 7.  The matches are very close. Root beer floats will be served later.  To … Continue reading

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notes from austin

Yep, we made it to Texas. It’s a sunny morning here.  Banjo Man has walked to his happy place, the HEB grocery store.  And I am here at the condo wearing shorts and drinking coffee. Will is at work making … Continue reading

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saturday night post storm

Johnny, one of Texas faves, performed at the Knickerbocker Music Center (formerly the Knickerbocker Cafe) in Westerly last night. Banjo Man and I were there, along with our party-loving friends Ruth and Kenny.  We hiked out of the woods and … Continue reading

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staying home

There’s a lot of chain saw work to do, but unfortunately we don’t dare work under power lines that could snap at any time. It’s amazing to think that this tree has been leaning against the lines since Friday morning. … Continue reading

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hanging in there

Sam and I are not having a good day.  The five-year old and I had plans to make ice cream, eat mini-cupcakes, curl up on the couch and watch Thomas the Train episodes on Netflix this afternoon. Instead a major … Continue reading

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Oh, how I love dumplings! Banjo Man and I treated ourselves to our annual Chinese lunch on Tuesday. We were in the town 20 minutes south of us and we were hungry for dumplings and all things Chinese.  Perfect timing. … Continue reading

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one ring-y ding-y

Remember that Lily Tomlin routine?  The one where she was the telephone operator?  It always made me laugh harder than anyone else in front of the tv. Well, in the midst of my cleaning I found this old photograph from … Continue reading

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