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sewin’ in the chapel

You can’t tell from this picture, but this quilt shop is in a very large former church. This spring’s Shop Hop with Harley Chick and Aunt Pat meant spending the morning at the Charlton Sewing Center, the most unusual quilt … Continue reading

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you and planet earth

Just for fun, here’s an interactive site that tells you how many breaths  you’ve taken, how many snowflakes have fallen, how many people have been born since YOU were born.  Just enter your birthdate and see what happens!

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music, views, sundaes and a trip down memory lane

Mother’s Day 2018 was another cold, overcast day, but we were determined to pretend it wasn’t. We–Banjo Man, daughter NancyK, my mother and I—took a drive over to the island of Jamestown.  Back in the days of pirates, Jamestown was … Continue reading

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ready for mother’s day

The Funny Grandson has once again pulled at my heart strings and made me laugh–at the same time. Check out the sign he picked out for me. And his mom told me he had to have one for himself, because … Continue reading

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catching up on a sunny may morning

Greetings. The sky is blue and the temperature is–gasp–62.  Hard to believe, but true. So…I’m recovering from this latest bout with bronchitis.  The doctor suggested it was the same infection I’ve had all winter that just keeps returning.  My mega-antibiotics … Continue reading

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making the huskers great again

See all that red?  88,800+ Husker fans were at the stadium to welcome the new coach back to town.  I think it broke an attendance record. We were ready. It was cold.  It was spitting rain.  It was even a … Continue reading

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update from rhode island

First of all, the sun is shining and the temperature actually reached 65 yesterday. Epic. Secondly, I am sick again.  It started out as a simple head cold last Friday, so I pampered myself all weekend with Ginger Ale and … Continue reading

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sunset in chicago

Banjo Man and I are home and I’ll be posting pictures from Lincoln tomorrow or the next day, after we recover from crawling into bed at 3:30 this morning. I think we might be too old for night flights. Banjo … Continue reading

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springtime in nebraska

Banjo Man and George were waiting for the game to begin.  Yes, it was raining a little.  Yes, we were prepared.  Banjo Man had purchased red ponchos and red seat cushions and extra gloves.  He brought extra wool scarves in … Continue reading

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fixing things on the list

I took my computer into the experts at “Right Click” computer repair shop Tuesday afternoon.  The very young man behind the very long counter listened to my computer woes and then turned on my laptop. “Edge” worked.  My Edge Start … Continue reading

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