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a few pictures from rhode island

We are packing up and getting ready to head west in a few days.  Oh, the joy of it all! Harley Chick brought me a present (she made it herself–I am so impressed with someone who can sew zippers). This … Continue reading

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friday night lights

Friday night in Texas = football.  And I was there for the Funny Grandson’s flag football game. I flew to Texas on April 1st to see the kids, all four of them.  Will picked me up Thursday evening after two … Continue reading

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easter vacation starts thursday

I have decided to go on vacation.  Just a little one.  Six days, in fact.  Banjo Man declared he was too busy with work to make the trip with me, so once again I will head to Texas by myself. … Continue reading

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thou shalt not kill

We’re really enjoying this series.  It’s on Amazon with a Masterpiece Theatre subscription. We have a lot of subscriptions. Season 1 might also be available on Amazon Prime, but I am not positive about that. This police drama is set … Continue reading

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beds, fog, spring and a meme

First the meme: Yesterday morning we had the infamous Weather Watch.  Why, you ask?  Fog.  Yep, we were fogged in and you know what that means?  Spring! It was all very exciting to look out the window. Speaking of spring, … Continue reading

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the new phone

Wednesday afternoon was historic in two ways.  One, I received my second Covid vaccine and two, scurried to the Verizon store to buy Banjo Man’s new I-phone from Kyle, a shy young man who might have been new at his … Continue reading

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pulling a plug

No, we’re not moving off the grid, though if Banjo Man has his way his cabin will be successfully off the grid by the end of September, 2021. We’re not cutting the cord, either.  I did the math on removing … Continue reading

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what’s in the box

When Ebay began, I jumped on the bandwagon and fell in love with bidding on things.  I’d take a break from writing to scroll through whalebone and vintage fabrics, Nantucket antiques and whaling ephemera. I enjoyed Amazon, too.  Ordering books … Continue reading

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feeling all the feels

I love this phrase:  “all the feels”. It makes me laugh. So, when I tell you that looking at my new rug and towels in my freshly-painted bathroom gives me all the feels, you know I am happy. This is … Continue reading

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we think it’s spring, oh yes we do

Here in Rhode Island if the temperature is above 55, it’s not snowing, the sun is shining and it’s March (or April), we call it Spring. Sometimes I get all dressed up and ride along with Banjo Man when he … Continue reading

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