home confinement is a pain in the you-know-what

I have not left my house in twelve days.  I might as well be wearing an ankle bracelet.

Writing books is an insane lifestyle.  Have you noticed that writers whine a lot?  We do.  I do.  You should feel very sorry for Banjo Man.

My butt hurts.  I think I need a new chair.  I think I need a new career.  I shouldn’t have dropped out of college after only 30 days.  I don’t want to get up at 4 AM any more.  I need to have my eyes checked.  I’m gaining weight.   I can’t talk to my friends until the book is done.  I am all alone here in my office, all the time.  Thank goodness I am only a few pages away from finishing this damn thing.  I can’t believe this book is taking so long to write.  Why didn’t I start this a year ago?  Why did I start this at all?  Did I mention that my butt hurts?

Yes, feel very very very sorry for Banjo Man.

Yesterday I sat outside in my car and drank a diet coke and ate some Wheat Thins.  It was such a pretty afternoon, all sunshine and yellow leaves dropping on the driveway.  I needed a break from staring at a monitor.  The seats in the Highlander are so comfy.

As soon as I finish this book I am going to Texas.  Seriously.  Going. To. Texas.

To the land of vintage cowboy boots, guacomole, Johnny Gimble and margaritas.

I will celebrate a couple of special birthdays.  Hug my boys.  Fiddle.  Babysit.  Read story books.  Go for walks.  Cook some massive family dinners.  Shop for a wild pair of vintage Tony Lama’s.  Listen to lots of live music.  Spoil my daughter-in-law.  Adore my grandson.  I will not whine at all.

The next book is due December 15th, but that is far, far away.  In another galaxy.

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5 Responses to home confinement is a pain in the you-know-what

  1. Sharon says:

    If you go back to college at 60, most schools give you a break on tuiton. It’s free or reduced.

    You could get a cool roommate and buy beer for all the kids on your floor. No more food shopping or cooking because you’ll eat in the cafeteria. And no more clean up, except for shoving the tray onto clean up counter.

    You could have a new blog called The Granny Coed.
    Plus, your friends could come visit you and go to frat parties where we could do keg-stands. You could join a sorority and get voted Sweetheart of the Year by the fraternities.

    The opportunities for fun are limitless.
    Think about it!

  2. What on earth is a keg-stand??????

  3. Amber says:

    I’m buying the tequila tomorrow! Yay!! 🙂

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