date night at the saxon pub

Banjo Man’s favorite musician is  blues man Johnny NIcholas.

Wednesday night’s Happy Hour at the Saxon Pub in Austin = Johnny Nicholas and his band, Hellbent.  Or were they the Hellbenders?

I will look it up tomorrow and let you know.

Anyway, it was a big night for Banjo Man.  He had a date.  Me.  At the Saxon, his favorite bar in Austin.  And two sets of music with Johnny Nicholas, who was born and raised just a few miles south of us in RI.   Banjo Man tries to see him when he’s in town, as do lots of his old friends from high school.  Every show is like a reunion.

Okay, back to Texas…we’ve been here for a week and I’ve spent almost all that time getting to know my gorgeous grandson, who greets me every morning with a big cheer, as if to say, “Ta Da!!!  Here I am, Grandma!!!!  I’m awake!  It’s a new day!  Glad to see you!”

I give him hugs and kisses and tell him he needs clean pants and he lets me change his diaper before he runs off to play with the new trucks he got for his birthday.

Today was a Halloween festival in a local park.  If you are a two year old boy who likes trucks you will want to go on the hayride four times, even if you have to stand in line.  And then you will cry, but your grandmother will take you out to lunch and give you her french fries.

“Mom, can we go on this hayride again?”

Okay, back to the Saxon…Banjo Man was very excited about tonight.  So I returned to Austin after spending 4 days with The Gorgeous Grandson in order to go out with Banjo Man.  Because of the book deadline, I haven’t been out much.  In the past 9 weeks I’ve been to one music lesson, one band practice and one ladies’ lunch…and those were all in one week about six weeks ago.

I ordered a margarita, but asked for it in a tall glass with lots of ice.  It came in a big beer mug.  The guy next to me kept looking at it and finally leaned over to ask, “What is that?  A margarita?”

Me:  “Yes.  It’s been a long week.”

Him:  “Sweetheart, it’s only Wednesday.”

He is lucky I didn’t whine about the book deadline.

I drank two of those monster margaritas.  I still didn’t care what day it was.

Johnny Nicholas can really play the blues.  Banjo Man bought his new cd.

I’m sorry this blog post isn’t more interesting.

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