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chasing the edge, an update

Ben’s cd made it to the “local artists” wall at Waterloo Records, Austin’s famous music store, two weeks ago. There it is!!!  What a thrill for the whole family! Now many of you have been calling to ask how to … Continue reading

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chasing the edge

#1 Son Ben has released his first cd! This has been a lifelong dream and a labor of love. We are so proud. You can go to You Tube’s music channel and search for “Ben Rolofson” to preview the songs. … Continue reading

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saying goodbye to 2019

Oh, how glad we are that 2019 is over! At this time last January we began packing up the kitchen, living room, dining area, pantries, closets and bedroom in preparation for the unexpected remodel.  We spent the winter living in … Continue reading

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2020 and what’s for dinner?

We’re home again, after a wonderful holiday season in New Orleans and Austin. It’s time to catch our breath and talk about diets. Oh, dear. Our son Will mused that his father might have two stomachs, like a cow.  Because … Continue reading

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christmas eve 2019

Merry Christmas, y’all! We are in Austin and loving our quiet holiday week with the Texas members of the family. As I write this Banjo Man is chopping the onions, green peppers and celery for Thursday’s gumbo.  Son Will is … Continue reading

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heading east and home again

I left Austin yesterday morning (Tuesday) at 6 AM.  The plane was dark and quiet, which gave passengers a few more minutes to snooze after early morning trips to the airport. I think the above photo would make an interesting … Continue reading

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where’s the hole?

  Yes, this is a photo of a roll of toilet paper.  Maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t seen this eco-friendly or budget-friendly or something-friendly innovation in toilet paper, but just in case you don’t know about it, here … Continue reading

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hurry up and wait

“Hurry up and wait” was the theme of our travel experience this Christmas.  From being delayed by a contractor’s visit and rushing to the airport last week only to find out the flight was delayed to yesterday’s issue with our … Continue reading

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merry christmas from Austin 2018

It took quite a few hours to get out of Baltimore, but it happened!  Here is the view from the window as we were about to land in Austin.  It was a welcome sight. The airport baggage claim area was … Continue reading

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a few more pictures from austin

And at the Austin airport’s new gift shop I saw these.  Hilarious!  I didn’t have room in my bag for any of them, unfortunately. Which one is your favorite?  

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