river monsters marathon and season five debut

It is no secret that River Monsters is my favorite television show.  I love The Bachelor and The Amazing Race, of course, and Survivor is usually on the dvr list, but River Monsters?????

I love River Monsters.

2013-03-13 039

MorePie and a Monster fish in Lockhart, Texas.

I think Jeremy Wade would be impressed, don’t you?

(The problem with loving this show is finding all sorts of fishy things to pose with–I can spot ’em a mile away).

My friend Sharon emailed to tell me that River Monsters was having a marathon Sunday, on the Animal Planet channel, so if you need some extreme angling and a little excitement, check it out.

sharon on mower

Sharon, when she is not watching tv.

And….my brother let me know that River Monsters SEASON FIVE starts Sunday night, 9 PM ET, with a special two-hour show.

I can’t wait.

I’ll be blogging the show this season, despite the looming deadline for the next book.

Fish on!!!!!

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4 Responses to river monsters marathon and season five debut

  1. Sharon says:

    Perhaps you could portion out your marathon watching as a treat for reaching a writing goal. Or are you the kind of gal who just can’t eat one chip?

  2. There is no portion control where potato chips are concerned. I’m going to watch RM and quilt ALL DAY LONG!!!!

  3. Bob Lizotte says:

    I love River Monsters,too! You’re my kind of gal.

  4. Joules says:

    River monsters do love them some mo’ pie! 😉

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