a yoga pose a day…

I came across this series recently and thought I’d share.


I’ve been reading a lot about anxiety–especially “creative anxiety”–lately and have vowed to fight it with meditation, walking and any other stress relievers I can find.

Here’s the book*** that is helping me meet my next book deadline:

mastering creative anxiety

To read more, click Mastering Creative Anxiety, by Eric Maisel

***recommended by my Writer Friend Sharon, of the pink-socks-lawnmower blog post, the same woman whose plane was hit by another plane while she was waiting to take off from Boston and go to Scotland, and whose chocolate addiction is the stuff of legends.

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3 Responses to a yoga pose a day…

  1. Sharon says:

    I love the yoga site. Now, if only I can fit into those yoga pants I’ll be all set for child’s pose, my personal favorite.

    Oh, by the way, who told you about that fabulous book? 😀

  2. I will edit the post to give you credit right now!!! I can’t believe I forgot!!!

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