home on the couch, as opposed to home on the range

We started out of Clarion, PA at 8 AM and it looked like this:

2013-10-07 001
We traveled with a big storm, torrents of rain, and tornado warnings all morning.

Here’s New York, when we finally got ahead of the storm.
2013-10-07 011
And Connecticut.

2013-10-07 014 2013-10-07 015
And finally…home. Where Banjo Man stretches his tired legs!
2013-10-07 027
We will be unpacking bags for days.
2013-10-07 028

Banjo Man has now gone to town to get groceries. I offered to stop with him before we arrived home, but he said no. And then I promised I would behave myself, that I would not whine or twitch or hang over the shopping cart and moan about how much time it took to pick out vegetables. But he said he couldn’t take the chance. He said he didn’t believe I could be nice in the grocery store.

I would have, I really would have.

Nine days on the road have made me a more patient person.  Or maybe I’m just numb.

It will be so nice to go to the bathroom any time I want, without having to wait for an exit and then get out of the car.

Today I had to wait in line behind 8 Japanese tourists at a gas station/truck stop in Pennsylvania.  That was a first.

Another first:  tornado warnings.

Another first:  wrapping up in a blanket while napping as  Banjo Man drove I-84

Another first:  the GPS system deciding to go insane and not believe we were on a main road and telling us it would take 6 hours to drive 180 miles.

I think the GPS was as tired as we were after  2991 miles!!!!!!


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5 Responses to home on the couch, as opposed to home on the range

  1. Sharon says:

    Welcome back to the East coast!

  2. Ruth says:

    Welcome home dear!! Missed you!

  3. ottis winslow says:

    So happy to have you home and off the road.Mom.

  4. Connie says:

    I am glad you are home, but wish you were here. I will be the only one at lesson today. 😦

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