stinky scarf

2013-10-12 014I bought a really gorgeous scarf in  Sandpoint, Idaho.  The shop was lovely and, amidst the clothes and scarves and hats and belts and jewelry, was a display of soaps and lotions.

Or something smelly.

I’m allergic to a lot of perfumes.  They make my nose run, they make me sneeze, they give me migraines.  There are few floral scents that I can tolerate.  My world is filled with products labeled “Unscented”.

I should have sniffed the scarf before I bought it.  I wore it once and realized hours later that the sudden constant need for Kleenex was due to the scarf smelling of perfume or perfumed soap or perfumed lotion…

I aired it out.  For days.

I should have returned it, but I thought it just needed a little air.  Wrong.

I put it inside a ziplock bag filled with baking soda.  For weeks.

It is now outside again.  It was expensive.  And my favorite faded green color.  The lace is lovely.  I don’t know what it’s made of.

And I can’t wear it.  Not yet.  Maybe never.

Suggestions, anyone??????

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