looking on the brightside

Brightside.  That’s the name of my new Samsung Verizon phone.

It is not a Smart phone, because I am too cheap to spend an extra $30 a month to be on the internet from my phone, which doesn’t work in my home in RI due to an ancient glacier.

So when I’m in RI I tend to keep my cell phone in my car, and since I use my car about once a week, you can see that I have no need to check my email or facebook page while in the Walmart parking lot.  I only use it if I need to call Banjo Man for something important.  We are sharing one car these days, which means we have to communicate in order to do each other’s errands.  I only need my phone when I’m on the road or in Texas, and even then there are issues with connections.

No, no, no….I’m doing it again.  I’m being negative about my phone!!!  That’s the point of this blog post, to say that I am going to work on having a better attitude about my cell phone.  I want to EMBRACE the technology.  I want to love my phone, the way all of you out there love your phones.

I see you, in airports and restaurants and–god forbid, in your cars—loving your phones.  I hear you in bathroom stalls and in line at the prescription pick up sections at the pharmacy.  I hear you in grocery stores and I see you texting in the movies.

You love your phones.  You love your technology.

ooops…I’m feeling the hostility again.  Must.  Get.  A.  Grip.

SERIOUSLY.  I want to have a new attitude about my phone.  It is pretty.  I like the big screen and the pictures on the front.  It might be a lot easier to use than the last one. It has a real keyboard.  I love real keyboards!!  Maybe it will even take pretty pictures! I love pretty pictures!

I seriously vow to do better to stay in touch with those I love, with my friends and my family.  I am going to text, even though it costs 20 cents.  I am no longer going to be a techno hermit.

I am going to COMMUNICATE through something other than email.  (Can I help it if I love email and blogging?)

My phone is on.  Call me.  As soon as I can figure out how to tell if I have voice mail, I’ll call you back.

(not joking)

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4 Responses to looking on the brightside

  1. Connie says:

    I am with you. I refuse to do it. I am not going to text. I am not going to check my cell phone in the middle of conversation with someone. I hate the rudeness and interruptions of technology. There is no way I am going to answer my cell phone in a bathroom stall! If I am having a heart attack in a bathroom stall, I will crawl to the door before I call 911.

  2. And if cell phones aren’t bad enough, authors are now highly encouraged to have Twitter accounts! Why??? What am I supposed to twit/tweet about and who am I supposed to call from an airport bathroom???? Whatever happened to being quiet??? Whatever happened to being alone with your own thoughts? We’re dinosaurs. You know that. Dinosaurs.

  3. connie says:

    I love being a Dinosaur. Plus, we are good at it.

  4. Connie says:

    I love being a dinosaur. I am good at it. 🙂 You too. 🙂

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