closer to home

Do you like your thriller/mysteries/crime fiction novels closer to home?  How about rural, upstate New York?

bleakHere’s a great series for you, I promise.  Read them in order.  That’s very important!!!!

Check out Julia’s WEBSITE  for more info.  I had the pleasure of meeting her once, at a librarian’s convention in Boston I attended with a friend from Alabama who was also one of the speakers.   She has won a ton of awards, too many to list here.  And I love her books.

The newest book in the series just came out a few weeks ago, so guess what I will be reading on the flight from Providence to Austin in a couple of weeks!!!

Because I am not one of those people who knows “who did it” halfway through the book, I am in awe of mystery writers and their intricate plotting and machinations meant to fool the reader.  I never know who committed the murder unless the author tells me.  I am easy to fool, easy to manipulate with red herring clues and plot twists.

Don’t you love a good plot twist?  A great villain?  A mystery that keeps you turning the pages when you should be sleeping or cooking or working or cleaning something?

Let it snow, baby.  Let it snow.

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