happy birthday, dancing mandolin player!

She’s the life of every party.

2012-05-31 014

1992 Hope004 1992 Hope005 1988 Ellen Glen on houseboat001

1984 album july032

2012-09-13 002

She’s an Extreme Gardner.

2012-05-07 001farmersmarket 006 farmersmarket 013

A charismatic singer and musician.

augustswim 057

She has a gift for flower decorating.  You can ask my daughter about her wedding decorations!

2012-05-28 010


1984 album july029

And she has a forgiving heart, because I have talked her into many, many adventures that she regrets having participated in.  There was that Mountain Man Rendezvous…and several Boat Regattas…and the rum-soaked week at Bluegrass Camp.  I’m afraid to list any more, because she might have forgotten some of them and I don’t want her think badly of me.  Because then she wouldn’t give me any more raspberries and strawberries and pears and plums and green beans from her garden.  Ellie makes sure I eat healthy all summer long.  And I don’t know what I would do without her.

1988 boat regatta0021988 boat regatta003

Party on, girlfriend! I love you!

2012-07-21 0272012-07-21 028

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4 Responses to happy birthday, dancing mandolin player!

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Dancing Mandolin Player,

    I wish you the very best birthday and a wonderful year.
    I love all the pictures. You ARE the life of the party!


  2. Pat Coughlin says:

    Happy Birthday, DMP. Hope your day is as much fun as you are.

  3. Janou says:

    What a beautiful and accurate description of Ellen! So many years of wonderful memories and fun times! Happy Birthday to you today, Ellie!

  4. Ellie says:

    OMG!! I feel so loved! I am so
    grateful for the many years we have
    shared our lives, our children, our friends, our adventures together. I have
    a forever friend! Thanks for inspiring
    me!! Thanks for putting in some pictures when I was skinny! Whoa!!
    Love you to pieces!!

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