old dogs, new tricks, on the road

2014-10-17 001

Sunrise in Indiana.

After 44 years of marriage, we set a new record this morning:

We were out of our hotel room and on the road at 5:50 AM.  I’ve always wanted to do that, but Banjo Man has never seen the appeal.  He likes his morning routine:  shave, shower, breakfast, news, computer, business, packing up the room, packing the car…

When this morning he woke me at 5:15 and said, “Come on, it’s time to get out of here!” I thought the hotel was on fire.

I threw on my clothes (I set them out the night before) and grabbed my two  small, matching bags (I pack up my computer stuff the night before), brushed my teeth and grabbed a cup of coffee on the way out to the parking lot.

It was dark.  Very dark.  The problem was that Banjo Man hadn ‘t slept last night.  He’d tossed and turned and finally gave up.  And I had told him to set his clock ahead an hour last night (I thought the time had changed west of Chicago, but it changed east of our hotel room.  (It was one of many, many mistakes I made yesterday).

So Banjo Man thought he was getting on the road at 6:30, but it was actually 5:30.

Poor Banjo Man.

We traveled from Illinois  through Indiana before stopping for breakfast at a local restaurant, a few miles south of I-80.

2014-10-17 003Banjo Man had a 5-egg omelet.  All of their omelets were made from 5 eggs.  I had the special: 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon and 2 sausage links.

Banjo Man said it was the best omelet he’d ever eaten in his life.  It was so high and fluffy that Banjo Man had to ask how it was made.  The answer?  Eggs beaten with water and clarified butter.

Can’t wait to try it myself (when I can remember what clarified butter is).

On to Ohio.  Oh-me-oh-my-oh.  (Yes, that’s a Gillian Welch reference).

A brief stop at Arby’s many hours later (Arby’s had 3 televisions broadcasting news and wifi!!!) in Pennsylvania, we stayed on the road until we are now in another lovely, comforting, clean Hampton Inn.

Rhode Island tomorrow….even if we sleep late.



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