on the road day four: miles to go before we sleep

Banjo Man and I made a deal to get on the road **early** Monday morning.  We had a big day ahead of us.  The goal?  To get from Terre Haute, Indiana to as close to Abilene, Kansas as possible.

At 7 AM Abilene, Kansas was 560 miles west.

And we made it…12 hours later.   We saw more of Indiana.  And Missouri.  And Kansas.  And now we are in our hotel in Abilene, after having eaten an awful dinner at a local restaurant named “Ike’s Place”.  I’ll be lucky if I don’t have food poisoning.  Seriously.

I don’t like to eat dinner out when we’re on the road.  I’ll never do it again, no matter how much Banjo Man begs.

Tomorrow we will tour the Eisenhower museum and library.  We’ll see “old Abilene” and take pictures for Story Man.  Several years ago he wrote a screenplay about a local Austin, Texas legend–Ben Thompson–who once lived in Abilene and owned a saloon called the Bull’s Head.

It ended badly.  There was a carriage accident that injured  Ben Thompson’s family.  A gunfight.  Wild Bill Hickok shot Ben’s partner dead, right there on the street.  Wild times in Abilene!

So I have promised to hunt down the area where the Bull’s Head once existed and take a picture, even if it is a vacant lot or a McDonald’s.  And I have promised to find copies of old maps, because no one–absolutely no one–loves maps as much as Story Man.

As much as I love vintage tablecloths, that’s how much Story Man loves maps.

2014-12-21 007

My tablecloth closet.

But I digress.  Tomorrow we will swim, pack and head to the museums.  We will have lunch at a historic place we read about in a brochure (and I hope it will be better than Ike’s Place) and then we will head to Colorado.  I don’t know how far we’ll get–that depends on how much time we spend in Abilene–but we are heading to Fort Collins to meet a brand new grandniece.

As much as I would love to add pictures of today’s scenery, I can’t.  The internet in most of our otherwise lovely hotel rooms has been pretty slow.  And after a long day on the road I just don’t have the energy to spend an hour or more uploading pictures, so….I’m sorry.

I’ll try again…

Good night.

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