day six: colorado antics with the young ‘uns

2015-06-24 001Day Six started out with palm trees–fake ones, due to the Kansas sense of humor—at a giant truck stop.  This truck stop was so big it even had a food court.  I was impressed, being a truck stop fan.

And off we went, all gassed up and heading to Colorado to meet the new grandniece.

2015-06-24 012

Our grandnephew was more impressed with us than the sweet baby was.

2015-06-24 019

Soccer cheer!!!

2015-06-24 021

Comparing belly fat. Thank God I wasn’t involved.

We had so much fun that I wished I could turn the clock back 40 years and do the whole “growing family” part of my life over again.

We spent the night here, near the highway.

2015-06-25 001I hung out with the sheep while Banjo Man unpacked the car.  I have to write a separate post about Banjo Man and his bags.  Until then, I will  leave you with this picture.

2015-06-25 002If he was a Colorado mountain man he’d have to have seventeen mules to haul all of his stuff.



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