tuesday and we’re on the road

2015-09-22 001

Packing up early this morning.

We were up at 5 AM, and on the road at 9 AM.

How Banjo managed to get all of our stuff–including 5 dozen jars of jam and salsa–into the car I will never know.  I only hope my dobro is in there somewhere.

We stopped one last time at the Pantry.  Banjo Man bought an apple fritter fresh from the oven and about as big as a dinner plate.  He ate it for 100 miles, I swear.  I bought a cinnamon roll.  I figure if I nibble carefully I can make it last four mornings.

By 7:30 PM MDT we arrived in Billings, having stopped for gas once.  We were very pleased with ourselves.

Some pictures from the road:

2015-09-22 014

Banjo Man loves driving through Montana.

2015-09-22 017

Montana highway.

2015-09-22 018

Tomorrow we drive across South Dakota.  I doubt we will drive another 540 miles, the way we did today, but Banjo Man seems to be recovering from his cold, so who knows?

See you tomorrow night…

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2 Responses to tuesday and we’re on the road

  1. Sharon says:

    Apple Fritter and Cinnamon Roll–the perfect start to a road trip!
    Safe trip!

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