lake treasures

Check out that beautiful round ball.  And the rock that looks like a leather ear.  And the perfect “skipper” for Banjo Man.

As my mother would say, there’s “no rhyme or reason” to my choices.  She said that to me a lot and it wasn’t necessarily a compliment, only a baffled observation.  But it always made me laugh.

I also picked up a few scraps of driftwood for our Mother’s Day campfire.

First campfire of 2021.

Am I excited about the upcoming summer?  You bet I am.  Yesterday I made up the guest beds, hauled all of the quilts out of the closet and ordered a new cotton blanket on Amazon.  Banjo Man intends to rebuild the fire pit and I have written “marshmallows” on my grocery list.

My daily mission is (a) search the beach for arrowheads, (b) pick up driftwood for future campfires and (c) cook or bake something to freeze.

Today it might be cookies.



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