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the perfect chilly afternoon chore

In case you’re wondering, they’re burning driftwood.  Lots and lots of wood has ended up on our beach this year.  And it keeps coming in. The two big guys and the one little guy have built a fire in the … Continue reading

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he’s baaaaack

The Funny Grandson has returned to the lake for the fourth summer in a row.  He and his mom arrived Saturday night, as did Banjo Man.  I had a happy car full of family and suitcases on the way home … Continue reading

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ready as i’ll ever be

I would keep cooking and baking, but I’m running out of space.  This freezer was empty 12 days ago and I have had a GREAT TIME filling it up with meals for my family and friends.  It’s why I come … Continue reading

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goose war

They come in a gang of a dozen.  Or a little group of three.  Or eleven of them with five goslings. They poop on my beach.  Massive amounts of poop, people!  I’m not talking about the normal byproducts of living … Continue reading

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the strange gift

Someone dropped this off in the driveway Saturday afternoon.  I don’t know who it was because I was sound asleep in the living room.  Stretched out with my feet on a hassock, a quilt draped over me while the television … Continue reading

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the perils of sitting down

One afternoon last week I was down at the beach. It actually looks a lot worse than this.  And more wood–of all sizes–shows up every day.  I need Banjo Man and the Funny Grandson to help with this project. Anyway, … Continue reading

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land of the chatting strangers

Before I get out of my car, I now say to myself:  mind your manners. Yes, I have to remind myself each time.  Because I am no longer in the polite-yet-cool New England, a place where idle chit chat is … Continue reading

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oh, yes, i’m at the lake!

Last Thursday was the Big Day At Last.  I was up at 3 AM and in the car with Banjo Man at 3:30 AM. I had two very heavy suitcases, but there were two quilts in there so they took … Continue reading

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all packed, almost

I have to keep this short because I have one more suitcase to finish packing.  I have packed two boxes to ship and two suitcases to take with me on the plane, plus the little rolling bag–filled with electronics– that … Continue reading

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ready for mother’s day

The Funny Grandson has once again pulled at my heart strings and made me laugh–at the same time. Check out the sign he picked out for me. And his mom told me he had to have one for himself, because … Continue reading

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