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long distance Peach Man

This week I was once again totally overwhelmed.  Can you imagine what arrived by FedEx? Peaches.  A dozen peaches.  From the Peach Man. A dozen miraculous, beautiful peaches carefully wrapped in a box from the lake. I cried.  Banjo Man … Continue reading

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sunrise to denver

This was the view out of the plane’s window on Friday morning, shortly after leaving Spokane. My heart lifted a little at the sight. We’d had a stressful time leaving the lake.  There was a lot going on and some … Continue reading

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last day and 48 years

Banjo Man and I have been married 48 years as of today. Amazing.  Where did the years go?  I don’t feel old enough to be married 48 years!! We celebrated by sitting on the screened porch this afternoon, eating apple … Continue reading

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the sky’s the limit

Old friends from Missoula came to visit last Monday.  It was the first time we’d had company fly in to see us. Check out this gorgeous blue sky! We were so impressed and in awe of the whole thing.  It … Continue reading

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leaving with the geese

This morning the geese flew by and honked–quite loudly–at six. We’re not honking, but we are getting ready to leave the lake for the winter.  Banjo Man has brought all the chairs up from the dock and the beach.  I … Continue reading

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banjo man makes new friends

Last Friday morning we went to a neighbor’s house to take advantage of her offer of tomatoes.  She had grown more tomatoes than she could possibly eat, so we were happy to take a basket of them home. Banjo Man … Continue reading

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miss lillie, andrea and peaches

Yesterday I peeled 40+ peaches.  Today I will most likely do another 30, but I’m not sure.  I just put up three batches of apricot jam this morning and I’m pretty happy to be out of the kitchen, so peach-peeling … Continue reading

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we loved a rainy night

Yes, we had rain!  Lots of lovely rain all night long.  This evening (it’s 5:00) the sun is out and the sky is BLUE.  Blue, I tell you!! Banjo Man hustled up the mountain to the cabin later this afternoon.  … Continue reading

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the brothers’ latest project

This was a familiar scene from the upper balcony.  I checked on them once in a while and they were always hard at work despite the smoky air. First project:  building a kayak stand. Second project:   cleaning out the storage … Continue reading

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cool air is here

We have a break from the smoke this morning.  It’s a breezy, cloudy day and 62 degrees.  We’ve opened all of the windows. Ahhhh……fresh air! I’ve used some of the indoor smoke time to cut out pieces for a new … Continue reading

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