coastal grandmother?

“Coastal grandmother”.  Did you know this is the name of a very popular new trend?  When I first saw the phrase I confess that I was a little excited.  After all, I spend months on the edge of a lake.  I am a grandmother.  Combine the two and I am one deliriously happy person.  Was I part of a trend and didn’t know it?

And then… I read the article.  First of all, here are the clothes the ultimate coastal grandmother wears:

Beige capris.  They make me look fat.  And they stain.  And need to be ironed.

A white button-down shirt.  This is to be worn unbuttoned, over a beige or white tank top.  My problem with this is that it is something else to be ironed.  My summer tops cost $8 and come from Kohl’s and Walmart, because they are so stained from cooking that I toss them out at the end of the season.  And let’s not even talk about unflattering white tank tops.

Bucket hat.  These are cute, but the brims aren’t big enough for the afternoon sun.

And what do coastal grandmothers do?  Well, they practice a “slower pace of life”.   This was another issue for me.  When I am at the lake the last thing I want is a slower pace of life (that’s called “winter” and by April I am heartily sick of it).  I love being busy with my family and my friends all day, every day.  I might have to sit down and put my feet up for a quick afternoon nap once in a while, but that’s only to get ready for more fun.

Coastal grandmothers arrange wildflowers and pick mint from their garden for tea.  I have no skill with flower arranging (but thank goodness my friends do), but I do grow mint.  Once in a while I actually remember to pick it.  My favorite garden plucking comes from my basil plants and the big fat sage plant that sits near the front porch, so I don’t know how pot-gardening makes me trendy.

Coastal grandmothers exude “an air of uncomplicated bliss”.

I do love this one, uncomplicated bliss.  Because happiness should be uncomplicated–hence the term “pure joy”– and if this is a trend then everyone should embrace it.

Words to live by!!!!



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1 Response to coastal grandmother?

  1. Janou says:

    Good morning sweet friend! This will rate as one of my top blogs from you! So, so funny and so understandable! I have always loved your point of view!

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