pack animal

some of our stuff

Banjo Man was not with me when I packed up the car and left the lake Monday.  I have never packed up the car.  Never.  In forty-two years.  It’s a “big job”, says Banjo Man.  It takes skill, depth perception, spacial skills (I admit I have none of these).  It takes him hours, if not days.  He huffs and puffs and complains. I’m always glad I don’t have to do it.

But this year it was up to me.  And I wanted to make room for my three dozen canning jars (apricots, plums, peach jams, plum syrup).

I obviously needed a shelf.  So I went to Home Depot and picked out a board and the Home Depot man sawed 12″ off of it for me (I’d taken careful measurements of the trunk and the canning jars).

Banjo Man called me.  He was worried.  Packing was a big job.  I was to shove it all in to the car and he would repack it when I met him in Billings.

Sure.  No problem.  I didn’t tell him about the shelf.  My trips to Home Depot worry him.

Banjo Man was so impressed.  You can’t see the banjo, lap steel guitar, amplifier, fiddle or three dozen canning jars, but they’re in there.  And the back seat is empty except for the laptops and overnight bags.

Think he’ll use my shelf next year???

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4 Responses to pack animal

  1. Tom says:

    No – he will not use your shelf next year. He will just sit back with a cup of coffee and hand you things !

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow! That looks like a jigsaw puzzle that you put together perfectly.

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