banjo man’s eye surgery

Banjo Man is going to have surgery to remove a macular pucker today.

He is Mr. Rochester.  I am Jane Eyre.

Fortunately this will only last a few days and we won’t have to start applying for a seeing-eye dog.  Though a dog would be welcome.  Very welcome.

btw, at Bluegrass Camp there was a woman who was training a service dog, a yellow Lab with a laid back attitude towards music.  Clearly he’s heard banjos before.

Wake up, pup!  Banjo Man needs you!!!


Banjo Man did not have surgery; instead he had 2 hours of testing, after which the doctor said another opinion was needed so that Banjo Man didn’t have unnecessary surgery, as the “pucker” on his retina is so thin.  So the seeing eye dog can go back to sleep and I am going back to work.

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