day 3 east: montana, wyoming, south dakota

Heading east to Wyoming:

I already told you about the snow and sleet in Billings. We eventually drove out of the worst of the weather. I slept through most of Wyoming.

You know you’re in South Dakota when you see statues.  I love those South Dakota statues.  The bigger the better!

Here’s a tourist stop that we won’t bother with again.

The food was pretty bad, the waitresses surly and the place wasn’t half as fun inside as the outside looked.  They did have a huge gift shop where I bought a couple of Christmas gifts, but we were glad to get back in the car and fight the South Dakota wind for a few more hours.

South Dakota

We stopped in one of the small towns along the interstate and browsed for a few minutes in an “antiques” shop. It was quite a jumble of stuff, but the woman working there told me she was a guide for antelope hunters and was taking a group out the next day. She’s been doing it for a long time. Banjo Man bought oatmeal cookies at the bakery next door and we got back on the road. My turn to drive, so we discussed antelope hunting for about 20 seconds before Banjo Man fell asleep.

We stopped early and spent the night in Rapid City, where Banjo Man always likes to point out the Howard Johnson’s hotel where one year I had a huge argument about room rates with the snotty little girl manning the reception desk. I normally will do anything to avoid conflict, but once in a while someone will insult me and oh, boy, watch out. This kid made the mistake of saying I didn’t know how to make internet reservations, which I figure I practically pioneered, so GAME ON, sweetheart!

Anyway, Banjo Man will never forget it, though I wish he would. There was lightning and thunder and blinding rain, which made finding another hotel at 8 PM a challenge, so I had to suck it up and compromise with the little twit, though we continued to glare at each other long after I made her call her manager at home.

Beware: if you make hotel reservations at the Howard Johnson’s website, the Howard Johnson’s hotel in Rapid City won’t recognize them and has “nothing to do” with the room rates you confirmed and paid for with a credit card eighteen hours before arriving.

Uh oh, I’m getting wound up again.  Note to self:  work on the “let bygones be bygones” stuff.

Please note:  We very happily stayed at the Hampton Inn this year.

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