it’s finished–no, it’s not

As much as I wish this statement was true, and as much as I love boxers and their expressions, the book is not done.

I’d written this post and thought I’d saved it as a “draft”, so when I was done with the gd book I would be able to hit “send” and tell you all that you didn’t have to read about my whining any longer (or at least not for a while, until the next deadline).

But this darn post keeps appearing. The boxer is mocking me. Or does he just look at me like I am pathetic?

I should title this “The book is not done”. Then it would be the truth.
Speaking of truth…the book is over done. The book is over the page limit. The book will never, ever end, I fear.

i hope they like it.

Excuse me, I think I have to take this dog out for a walk.

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