bad grandma

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. But here are the facts, ma’am, just the facts:
1. My daughter-in-law bought my grandson something similar at a thrift shop. It broke. My musically inclined (aka genius) grandson was royally ticked off.

2. My daughter-in-law gave me permission to buy a drum set for his birthday.

3. I even called said daughter-in-law from Toys R Us to make sure this purchase was okay.  I described the box.  I mentioned it had its own stand. And an mp3 hookup.  She still said yes, after that final chance to say no, thank you.

4. Yes, my guitarist son is going to be very unhappy when the wrapping paper comes off.

5. Yes, I bought extra batteries.

6. I also bought an alphabet puzzle–wooden and very educational, I swear.

7. I hadn’t been in a Toys R Us in 15 years–I think it went to my head.

8.  But I bought something else, something else on Etsy, something else that is so wonderful and perfect for my rock and roll loving grandson that I can’t even blog about it.  It doesn’t need batteries and it doesn’t need to be assembled and my son will like it, too and I will be forgiven for the drum set.  I’ll link to it tomorrow, after the party.

9.  Grandpa Banjo Man approved of the drum set, btw.

10.  As did Uncle Will and Great-Grandma.  Daddy is outnumbered 6 to 1.

Levon Helm

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