the cleaning season

I love these little suckers.

It’s cleaning time here in Rhode Island.  It happens every fall, after we return from the lake.  Suddenly I absolutely need to buy plastic containers and organize the stuff that Banjo Man doesn’t haul to the dump.

You cannot have too many plastic containers.  I think it’s an addiction.

On the other hand, I’m slowly ridding myself of plastic food storage containers and replacing them with glass, but that’s another obsession story.

Banjo Man is busy outside dealing with a zillion million leaves and the tree branches and trees themselves that didn’t survive Sandy.   I may not see him again until it snows.

I’m still getting up at 4 AM and writing, but I’ve also been washing windows, cleaning blinds and purchasing microfiber products at Home Depot and WalMart.  I am reorganizing bathroom closets.  I even cleaned under my bed.  I do this when I take breaks from writing, because when the writing gets stressful it’s comforting to stuff crap into a plastic box.

Yes, my love of plastic storage containers is embarrassing.

Having learned that I need to write in a sparse, clutter-free environment with no distractions or temptations, my present office/sewing room/music room/library/linen storage situation must change.


And with lots more plastic storage containers.  Yippee!

In the meantime, check out the microfiber sponges.  You can find them in the car-cleaning department of the hardware store.  I love them for washing dishes and wiping countertops.  I also bought a microfiber “shower cap”-like thing that goes over my mop to wash floors (we have Pergo).

And I bought one of these.  At first I thought it was broken, but then learned it was made this way to get under beds and furniture.

Rubbermaid Flexible Mop

Years ago my French Friend Janou introduced me to microfiber.  She’d bought a bale of yellow cloths from Costco and proceeded to cut one of the cloths into quarters to give me to use for washing dishes.  Little did she know what a trendsetter she was!
Merci, Janou!

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