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home for the winter

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over two weeks. There has been a lot going on.      My trip home from Texas last Tuesday (the 10th) was an easy one, aside from the 3:30 AM start at the … Continue reading

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coffee 3000 miles away

I received a text message this morning from Harley Chick.  We met the Wednesday after Labor Day thirty years ago! Over the years we’ve managed to celebrate–or commiserate over–the first day of school many, many times. She sent me a … Continue reading

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leavin’ on a jet plane

Remember that song from Peter, Paul & Mary?  How I loved it. Anyway…back to the present…that’s what is happening later on today.  I’m leaving on a jet plane for the lake, for the mountains, for the music and the food … Continue reading

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We have leaks, so it’s time to think about replacing our 27 year old kitchen plumbing, and that means under the sink, along with the actual sink and the faucet. So we went to the fancy plumbing store Saturday morning.   … Continue reading

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early morning sunshine and the atlantic ocean

  Yesterday Banjo Man and I went for a walk on the beach closest to our house, the “town beach”.  We arrived early, before we needed a sticker on our car in order to park in the small lot.  The … Continue reading

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The sun came out yesterday, so my mother and I stopped at the veterans’ cemetery to see the flags.  We’d come here last Thursday–in pouring rain–to decorate my father’s grave with a plant.  But the Memorial Day decorations had not … Continue reading

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bye bye, little beasties

Something happened yesterday morning that is going to change my life. No, I did not discover a new diet.  Or dye my hair back to brown.  Or take up wind surfing. I called in a mouse-killing professional and he showed up … Continue reading

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when you need pants

Banjo Man and I drove up to the Big City Wednesday.  We had appointments with the TSA to complete the paperwork for a TSA-preapproved security clearance.   We’ve gotten the “TSA Pre” designation enough times to realize what a great deal … Continue reading

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new girl in town

Banjo Man has a new love:  the girl next door. She came with her dad and her older brother.  And she stayed for dinner and some serious flirting. Oh.  My.  Goodness.

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the remnant shop

Last Wednesday my buddy Ruth and I headed to Hope Valley to check out a store my dental hygienist had recommended.  When I was a kid there were “mill outlet” stores everywhere and my mother, who liked to sew her … Continue reading

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