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go van gogh

Last Wednesday Banjo Man, Nancy and I drove up to Providence to experience the “Van Gogh Immersion” experience. Oh, my. This was my bright idea so, with tickets purchased six weeks ago, we headed to the Big City without knowing … Continue reading

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paranoia or a good idea?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Yesterday morning I drove the rust bucket twenty minutes south of here to Walmart.  FYI I’m in denial over the rust and plan to carefully drive the car through next Tuesday, when the inspection sticker … Continue reading

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looking at the last straw

I am having a hard time this morning.  We are two weeks away from heading to the lake and leaving behind the Winter of Bad Things. But the hits keep coming.  Not medically, thank God, but to our shock our … Continue reading

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it all adds up

Those helpful hands belong to my daughter. We were putting blue squares on the design wall (which is actually a length of batting clipped onto the drapery rod in front of my office windows).  Nancy does a lot of the … Continue reading

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i told her to smile

I’m not in the habit of talking to dogs who are shopping with their owners in Walmart, but this funny girl looked very much like Keeley, our daughter’s dog from years past. I knew Nancy would get a kick out … Continue reading

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happy mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and aunts out there! How I wish I had a photo of luscious flowers to put on the blog, but it is 47 degrees, windy, rainy and overcast here.  Not only are … Continue reading

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where did the sweatpants go?

This is not Banjo Man’s new pair of sweatpants, but it’s definitely more interesting. Did someone send it to me?  If you did, please let me know so I can shower you with thanks.  As the cover says, there are … Continue reading

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you never even called me by name

During the eight days of Banjo Man’s hospital adventures, I was treated kindly by many, many strangers who worked for the hospital systems.  And such kindness was very much appreciated. To my bemusement (is that a word?) the women at … Continue reading

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home never felt so good

Banjo Man is home from the hospital. Sound the trumpets!!! I am trying not to hover. He is following a specific diet and I am in charge.  The discharge nurse said, “If you miss us and want to come back … Continue reading

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i think it’s sunday

Actually, I had to sit here and take a few moments to figure out what day it is. Sunday. It has been a week since we went to New Haven for Monday’s surgery. A lot has happened since then.  As  … Continue reading

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