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23 below zero

We’re setting records this morning in the midst of an “Arctic blast” in New England. The temperature outside is -6, with a wind chill temp of -23. But the sun is shining, our pipes didn’t freeze and there are no … Continue reading

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goodbye january, see you next year

Today Banjo Man will complete his 15th radiation treatment.  Meaning he’s halfway to the finish line. Feel free to applaud!!! Meanwhile, back in the office, I overslept and am still in my nightgown, but that’s okay.  Banjo Man’s friend Steve … Continue reading

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week 2 is behind us

This was the view from my car in the cancer center’s parking lot.  We’ve had a bit of rain, but thankfully no snow. Banjo Man is doing very, very well so far.  He’s like Superman.  As usual, the doctors and … Continue reading

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getting help, 2023 style

Early in December my cell phone stopped taking voice mails.  They would turn up a few weeks later or not at all. I know my friends were baffled when I didn’t get back to them.  Embarrassing, to say the least. … Continue reading

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an old-fashioned cream puff

We were invited to Jeff and Dr. Angela’s for a Sunday afternoon of Mexican Train dominoes and dinner.  I offered to bring dessert, because any chance to bake makes me happy (except for last week’s blueberry ricotta cake, listed online … Continue reading

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how to ignore winter

We’ve had very little snow, but the fog and rain make for a gray winter.  It’s January and I’m counting down the days until April. What are you doing to get through the weeks until Spring? I am taking violin … Continue reading

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new chowder for the new year

I am no stranger to making chowder. Clam chowder, quahog chowder, shrimp and corn chowder, fish chowder? I’ve made it.  I’ve rarely followed a recipe, preferring to combine recipes or just wing it. And life was good. But a few … Continue reading

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pass the tequila

Oh, I am so happy to say goodbye to 2022! Today I’m planning to make a vat of what I call “Lily’s Soup” (I blogged about it earlier this fall) and freeze most of it for future winter meals. The … Continue reading

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back home and ready for 2023

Yesterday we departed Austin at 6:15 AM and shortly after take-off we saw the gorgeous ruby colors of sunrise from the windows.  And landing in Rhode Island over twelve hours later we admired the sunset (pictured here). Compared to the … Continue reading

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a little christmas

I was killing time at a gift shop while Banjo Man was being prepped for his radiation treatments.  Despite telling myself I was not going to buy anything, I couldn’t resist this tiny ceramic tree.  Five inches high, it adds … Continue reading

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