thumbs up

I’ve hurt my thumb.

A computer injury.


Banjo Man’s knee is acting up again, so we are fixing each other ice packs.  We have an excellent system:  I run up and down the stairs and Banjo Man opens jars and chops vegetables.

It’s working out well.

I’ve been taking a break from typing these past days.  I start the new book tomorrow and need my thumbs in working condition.

I tried a new recipe for Thanksgiving:  baked acorn squash stuffed with cornbread-cranberry-apple stuffing.  It was dreadful.

Another experiment, roasted sweet potatoes with an orange glaze, was a bit better.

Most of the weekend was spent cleaning my office, a small room that serves as office, sewing room, music room, library and lots of other things.   I took some “before” pictures, not for the blog but to embarrass myself.

These aren’t the worst ones.

The empty bookshelves were an improvement.

Sometimes, especially in the midst of deadline mania, things can get a little out of hand.

Banjo Man and I, with our salads and ice packs, are planted in front of the television tonight watching a “Downtown Abbey” marathon on PBS.

We are not exactly twiddling our thumbs, but we’re not cleaning anything either.

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