it you wait long enough…

2012-12-06 007 This is one of a pair of glass star-shaped candlestick holders I discovered on my mantel this morning.

I guess I should have stuck a tapered candle in it before taking the picture.  These are actually really pretty in real life.

The problem–well, not exactly a problem, but more like a decorating bonus–is that they have been sitting on my mantel since last Christmas.

You think I was in too much of a hurry to put away the decorations last year?

The sort-of-pathetic part is that it took me eleven months to notice.

See this thing?

2012-12-06 0012012-12-06 003I don’t know what it is, but many years ago I found it at the Brimfield Antiques market.  At Christmas I put vintage metal ornaments in it.  At Easter I toss in a dozen pastel plastic eggs.  One October Banjo Man asked me why there were Easter eggs on the hearth.

Are you wondering what the rocks are?

The tall one is a vase, made by none other than Blues Man and Linda, the band’s cajun accordion virtuoso.

The kidney-shaped rock I found by a foundation of an old oceanfront house devastated by a storm.  I assume it’s some kind of very old tool or the Narragansett Indians’ version of a golf club.

The round ball is something I found near  Samowen campground many years ago.  At the time all I could guess was that it was a Native American game ball.

Your learned opinions and thoughts are welcomed.

While you are thinking about such things, I am going to get out the fiddle and rosin up the bow.  I’ve been writing character sketches and book calendars all afternoon and am ready to act like a musician now.

And yes, fiddling is more fun than writing.

Fiddling is more fun than decorating, too.

Fill in the blank:  Fiddling is more fun than__________________.

2011-12-14 015

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