brownie bowls, an experiment

photo from

I bought 6 of these at TJMaxx before Christmas. Last night I baked brownies in them, and the little suckers are just as cute as they look in the picture.  I’m spending Saturday night with “the writers” in Massachusetts–24 hours of brainstorming, food and giggles—and four of these will be going with me.  Sharon is going to provide ice cream and chocolate sauce.

To counteract the unhealthy brownies, I’m also bringing gluten-free, sugar-free, blueberry cake bowls to fill with non-fat yogurt for breakfast Sunday morning.

Recipes and photos to follow on Monday!

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2 Responses to brownie bowls, an experiment

  1. Connie says:

    I’m glad to see you are balancing the out the yummies.

  2. The gluten free, sugar free blueberry bowls were really, really awful. We couldn’t eat them and usually writers will eat anything. Very embarrassing!!!

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