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nine more days

February is almost over. Let’s party! We’re having another little storm today, but the weather in Austin is improving.  Will has his power back.  Ben’s has stayed on.  Water issues continue, but my Texans are warm at last.  Tomorrow the … Continue reading

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the truth hurts

The Funny Grandson is a rabid football fan.  His world centers around his flag football team and his afterschool hours at the Elite Training gym and his Sundays spent watching any and all NFL teams on tv.  He studies plays … Continue reading

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the lasagna problem

I made two lasagnas when I was in  Texas last month.  One large one for the whole family and one small one for Will’s freezer. They weren’t very good. I could blame my failure on taking a shortcut and using … Continue reading

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welcoming 2021

The New Year came to Texas and I was there to celebrate.  Yay! Somehow we managed to stay awake past midnight. Have you heard of the custom of eating grapes for good luck in the new year? Eating twelve grapes … Continue reading

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a little joy

This was in my friend Pat’s email today.  I loved it and wanted to share. I have been busy.  I accidentally tripled this recipe (don’t ask) and have enough cinnamon rolls for my entire town.  I finally gave up baking … Continue reading

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first snowstorm, hot soup and Hillbilly Elegy

A “nor’easter” hit last night.  We had plenty of warning, as the storm had trekked across the Midwest and the Mideast before hitting New England. At midnight we had 3″ of snow.  This morning there is about 6″, but we’ve … Continue reading

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shopping in america

The week began Sunday with a hunt for lemons for Banjo Man and a visit to a fancy grocery store in downtown Westerly.  Unfortunately their lemons weren’t all that great, which was surprising.  I cut the trip short and headed … Continue reading

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come to mama!

Meet the new member of my Making-Dinner family. It’s huge.  It doesn’t look huge in this photo, but it is. See? This is a Gourmia 7-quart air fryer.  I ordered it from Kohls one morning before Thanksgiving.  They were having … Continue reading

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my 2020 turkey let me down

My attempt at cooking a turkey breast in the crock pot was a disaster.  The breast was dry, the gravy’s flavor and consistency needed a lot of work, and it was all just so disappointing. Fortunately there were only three … Continue reading

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thanksgiving 2020

Table for three, please! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I’m sure yours is as abbreviated as ours, although I hope you are in a place where that is not the case. In fifty years I have never NOT cooked something the Wednesday … Continue reading

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