piping in the salmon

thanks to the i.dailymail.co.uk

Some of you know what a fan of River Monsters I am.  I could watch it every night.  Sometimes I do, if Banjo Man isn’t home.  There’s nothing better than heating up a bowl of Thai curry bean soup and watching an episode of “Cold Blooded Killer” or “Alaskan Horror”.

river monsters fish show photo

One of my favorite episodes is “The Mutilator”, about a river monster who likes to bite off “certain parts of the male anatomy”, as host and extreme angler Jeremy Wade so delicately phrases it.  Just to be clear:  I don’t think it’s enjoyable to watch those reenactments or to think about those poor men walking around with no dangly bits.  The best part of the show is when Jeremy  Wade talks to the village chief for more information about this mysterious fish and Jeremy is so polite, so careful with his wording about the “certain parts of the male anatomy” and the chief looks at him and nods, and says, very seriously (village chiefs never smile), “Oh, we call him the Ball Cutter!”

And Jeremy Wade struggles to keep a straight face.

Okay, back to Scotland.

Get a fresh cup of coffee and click here for the most beautiful fishing pictures I’ve ever seen.

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