due may 22

You may remember this couple?

DSCF9232 (2)

They’re having a baby.  A boy.  In May!
Isn’t that exciting???!!!!

So I get to make a quilt.

2013-01-30 002
I love to pick out fabric from my shelves. Quilters call it a “fabric pull”, which means we pull out whatever we think might work in a quilt and audition it with other fabric. Decisions are made. Fabric is ironed. Then cut.
I love to cut fabric. That’s my favorite part of putting a quilt together.
I cut 448 little white squares, 448 triangles and 56 little print squares.
2013-01-30 017

Then I sewed. I listened to Gillian Welch cd’s. I hummed. My sewing machine hummed.
Life was good.

2013-01-30 012We had a wind and rain storm last night and many Rhode Islanders are out of power.  So far we’re fine, which means I’ll be sewing another pile of these triangles this morning!

We’re lucky we didn’t lose any more trees.

I’m lucky to have plenty of fabric, thread and a brand new iron, the kind that doesn’t shut itself off every 8 minutes.  I opened every box of every style iron in Walmart to read the instructions until I found an iron that shut itself off in one whole hour.

I wish they wouldn’t shut themselves off at all.  Is it a law or something?


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2 Responses to due may 22

  1. Connie says:

    Please tell them congratulations! I hope you are having fun!

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