so sorry

I’m still having technical difficulties here in Texas.  The wifi stream is iffy and my ability to load photos from my computer (via Son #2’s camera) to wordpress is zero.  While I have lots of Austin photos piling up on my hard drive, I can’t share them with you until I get something called an “IO error” solved.

In preparation for the upcoming Season Five of RIVER MONSTERS, my very favorite tv show in the world, I have taken various fish photos here in Austin.

Some of them are very strange.  As are the fish in River Monsters, which is why they’re called “monsters” and are worth spending an hour of my life watching someone (Jeremy Wade, extreme angler) fish for them.

River Monsters, Season 5, premieres April 7th.  I’ll be celebrating the show’s return with fishy blogs, including some of my own fishy triumphs.

You don’t believe I have fishy triumphs, do you?!?

1985 idaho fishing derby001


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2 Responses to so sorry

  1. Sharon says:

    OMG! You caught a fish with your bare hands? In the cold?

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