sneak peek

The baby quilt is almost finished.  I’m still hand-stitching the binding down, but that’s a minor little chore done while watching tv.

I sewed for 11 hours straight on Sunday.  My idea of heaven!!!!!  I took over the dining room area, plus the kitchen island.  I turned on the “River Monsters” marathon, set up the ironing board, spread out all of my tools and went to work.  Banjo Man happily stayed in the basement.

I can’t show you much, because it’s a gift and I want to keep it a surprise.  The baby is on his way and I’m carrying the phone around the house with me and waiting for the good news.  I don’t think I’ve ever finished a baby quilt before the baby was born and I’m hoping this means I’ve become more organized as I grow older.

2013-04-09 006 (2)

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1 Response to sneak peek

  1. sharon says:

    Absolutely lovely.
    The little boy will love it so much he’ll take it to college with him.

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