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sing, pray, quilt

I don’t know how to blog about the Gee’s Bend quilters.   They are women descended from slaves, generations of women quilting to keep their families warm.  Women who used whatever they had and arranged old patterns to fit their vision.  … Continue reading

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it all adds up

Those helpful hands belong to my daughter. We were putting blue squares on the design wall (which is actually a length of batting clipped onto the drapery rod in front of my office windows).  Nancy does a lot of the … Continue reading

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if i had a dog

Yes, if I had a dog I would teach him to carry fabric on his head.  And then I would laugh and laugh and give him smelly bacon treats. And then I would cut up those fabrics and put them … Continue reading

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sewing for spring

The Wild Flower Snowball quilt top is finished, as of yesterday afternoon.  Here you see a portion of it.  It’s comprised of 120 snowball blocks and ended up approximately 75″ X 90″ in size. I like it. What’s next?  Figuring … Continue reading

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needle in a sort of haystack

Have you ever lost something and never, ever found it again? I guess that’s the definition of “lost”. Sigh. Yesterday I sat at my desk with my needles, thread and scissors to hand stitch a label onto a quilt I’d … Continue reading

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25 days later

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see flames in our propane gas fireplace again.  It heats 2/3 of the house, including the living room and kitchen. Those rooms have been 42 degrees.  Banjo Man and I moved … Continue reading

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finished and delivered

The “Octopus Quilt” is finished.  And delivered to Angela (she of cancer-care fame), Jeff and kids on Wednesday. I explained that it was for snuggling on the couch.  It can be thrown in the washer and dryer, no problem. It … Continue reading

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the apple blanket

Well, it’s not exactly a blanket.  A comforter, actually.  I made it for my son Will’s first “big boy” bed about forty years ago.  He loved ladybugs and, in our small town, available fabric was limited to what was stacked … Continue reading

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if you know what’s good for you…

Banjo Man doesn’t do any of the above.  Isn’t he smart? He loves to come into the office in the morning and sit down on my sewing chair–while I’m at my desk–and survey the fabric spread around the tables.  There … Continue reading

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back to normal, kind of

Now that the tree is off the roof and my house is safe and waterproofed, it is time to go back into the sewing room/office/music room and start a quilt. We call this “stress sewing” in our house.  Much healthier … Continue reading

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