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if you know what’s good for you…

Banjo Man doesn’t do any of the above.  Isn’t he smart? He loves to come into the office in the morning and sit down on my sewing chair–while I’m at my desk–and survey the fabric spread around the tables.  There … Continue reading

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back to normal, kind of

Now that the tree is off the roof and my house is safe and waterproofed, it is time to go back into the sewing room/office/music room and start a quilt. We call this “stress sewing” in our house.  Much healthier … Continue reading

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storing up for winter

These are my acorns. With the demise of brick-and-mortar fabric stores in New England–they are few and hard to find–I have been loving my trips to town to a real fabric store. I am loading up. And I have no … Continue reading

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don’t ask why i bought this friday

I will try to explain. It was marked “$9.99” at the animal shelter thrift store. There was a sticker on the cover that said, “Tested”. It was also unusual and shiny and pretty and I wanted to play with it. … Continue reading

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feeling all the feels

I love this phrase:  “all the feels”. It makes me laugh. So, when I tell you that looking at my new rug and towels in my freshly-painted bathroom gives me all the feels, you know I am happy. This is … Continue reading

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tiptoeing into march

Warmer weather is coming, as are more vaccines.  Things are looking up around here! I keep sewing and waiting for spring and the happy day when stores open their fitting rooms. Yesterday I found myself at the local CVS Minute … Continue reading

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under the needle

This was yesterday, spent stitching lots of lines in the pale green background, along with outlining the fans.  Once again, a quilt top that is at least 14 years old.  I made three of them in different colors back then. … Continue reading

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matching points and seams

I made this quilt top in 2004, shortly after buying my first computerized sewing machine, a Janome 6500.  That machine was cutting edge at the time and I was so proud and yet so intimidated by everything it could do. … Continue reading

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heading out of here

I’m packed and ready to go to Texas.  I’ve had my tickets for a few weeks but knew that anything could happen–and probably would–to change my plans from traveling to going back to the sewing machine. But I get to … Continue reading

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recycling treasures

This might not look like a treasure, but it really is.  All handsewn, it has wonderful 1930’s fabrics to admire. I like to buy old quilt tops with patterns I would never make myself.  This quilt top, found in a … Continue reading

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