shark or cows

2013-04-30 003I dreamt of the 28-foot shark last night.  By 6 AM I was awake and ready to head to the beach, but I’d had a dream that Banjo Man told me we couldn’t go until it stopped raining.  It took me a little while to wake up and realize the sun was shining.

I talked Banjo Man into going for a drive at 7 AM.  I grabbed a coffee mug and we pretended we were on a road trip and complimented each other on getting such an early start.

We’re silly.

Anyway, the shark had been removed by DEM (damn it!!!), but we enjoyed the drive to the beach.  And I took some pictures to show you what it looks like around here.

2013-04-30 0022013-04-30 0052013-04-30 0012013-04-30 006

On the way home we saw cows.

2013-04-30 009

And that’s about as exciting as it gets.

2013-04-30 008

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2 Responses to shark or cows

  1. Tom Fitchett says:

    Don’t get rid of that camera. You can use it as a point and shoot and great pictures (as you just did) or branch out a bit sometime and use some of the manual settings. As Mickey used to say in the ad, “Try it, you’ll like it”


  2. isthereanymorepie says:

    Okay. I’ll be more patient! When I get good (or bad) pictures, I don’t know why. 😦

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