gardening is not in my blood

MorePie's tomato crop, September 26, 2012

MorePie’s tomato crop, September 26, 2012

My brother and I were once discussing our Nebraska spouses’ love of landscaping and dirt-digging.  It was a mystery to us and, as I said to him, our family’s idea of fun was a “good book and a candy bar”.

Yep. Still is.

My friend and fellow blogger Retired Mountain Lady recently posted pictures of ripe tomatoes.  It is **May** and she has beautiful, fat, juicy, red tomatoes already.  Is that amazing or what????  (She is also from Nebraska, by the way.  Just sayin’.)

I suppose I could buy tomato plants in Rhode Island and carry them to the lake in the back of the Highlander, but I think Banjo Man would protest.  He gets a little grumpy when packing the car, and has yet to agree to finding room for the chocolate fountain, despite my whining about it for four years.

I’m doing something wrong when it comes to gardening.

2012-07-12 003

I want so badly to eat big, ripe tomatoes this summer.  BLT’s!!!!!  Homemade peach salsa!!!!  I could live on nothing but BLT’s…and peaches…and yogurt…and Wheat Thins…and peach salsa.


2012-09-05 010

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1 Response to gardening is not in my blood

  1. Connie says:

    You can do it!
    But, please remember that the rest of us need someone to write that good book! We gardeners need a day off every now and then so that we can enjoy a good book and eat a candy bar. Movies aren’t bad either.

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