will you accept this…fish?

2013-05-13 001

Big night on tv tonight.

“The Bachelorette” begins at 8 PM on ABC.

The season finale of “River Monsters” is also at 8 PM on Animal Planet.

Be still my heart, Jeremy Wade is in Scotland.

2004_0902Image0254 (2)This is me on the shores of Loch Ness.  The man in blue is not Jeremy Wade.  It was windy.

Jeremy is after the Loch Ness Monster, or evidence of something big that could have, might have, should have lived in the lake loch.

Here’s a photo of a beautiful sunny day at Loch Ness.


I will record both shows, of course, with my everlasting gratitude to whoever invented the DVR.

On this season’s “The Bachelorette”, Desiree searches for her one true love among twenty-five guys.  Most of them will be idiots.  A couple will be certifiably insane.  Three will be Good Husband Material.  All of them will do weird stuff to be on tv and please the producers.  I will have a legal pad, clipboard and pen.  Yes, I take notes.  Banjo Man and I discuss the edits and make predictions based on sexual chemistry, producer-driven antics and the amount of testosterone dripping from armpits.

Good times.

Banjo Man and I have not decided which show we will watch Monday night and which one we’ll save until Tuesday night.  We can’t watch both because we are old and tired and can’t stay up late.  Well, Banjo Man can stay up late but I tend to dissolve after nine o’clock.

We will also have to agree on snacks.  River Monster snacks and Bachelor/Bachelorette snacks are different.  I just ate the last of the guacamole, so that’s not an option, but it would be in the “Bachelorette” category of food.

I’m voting for popcorn and River Monsters.

The rose may have to wait.

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