round rock manfest 2013

Texas Man Fest 2004

Texas Man Fest 2004

Banjo Man has gone to Texas to help Son #1 and Son #2 with Grandson #1 while my Sweet Daughter-in-law is away for a week having medical treatments.

She is going to be fine, but it’s going to be a long week.

But Banjo Man has big plans for his grandson.  Plans that include dirt.  Piles of dirt.  Loads of dirt.  Dirt in the truck.  Dirt in the yard.  Dirt, dirt, dirt.

The kid loves dirt.  He likes to dig up as much as he can scrape off the rocks in his backyard, spoon it into a plastic bucket and then dump it over his head.

2013-02-15 053

I told you he was a boy, right?

Grandpa, Uncle Will, Daddy and the dog are going to keep this little guy very, very busy.

2013-03-17 001

I’ve heard rumors about BBQ, too.

march late 2013 055

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2 Responses to round rock manfest 2013

  1. Sharon says:

    I bet John will put the three exhausted men to bed every night and then have the run of the house and yard. Let’s hope the three musketeers remember to give John a bath before his mother gets home. 🙂 Soap, Soap, Soap for the Dirt, Dirt, Dirt.

  2. They’ll have to really scrub to get the BBQ sauce off his face!

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