croc me mama like a wagon wheel

My friend Bob called the other night to tell me not to miss this particular television show: Super Man Eater Killer Crocodile.  Or something like that.  You get the idea.  He had told me about it months ago and I’d looked for it, but never found it on tv.

Here’s Bob:


Here’s a link to an excerpt from the animal planet show.  This waterlogged town in the Phillipines has a man-eating crocodile in their midst, so they hire two guys to catch it.  One of them is the most famous croc hunter in the Phillipines, but when he can’t trap the giant croc he gets so stressed that he has a heart attack and dies in his sleep.  So the mayor takes over and they build a bigger trap, with a bigger loop, with chains and rooster parts. Well, be careful what you wish for, because they catch the croc and he isn’t a happy camper. They tie him up and then all the villagers haul him for HOURs, all through the night, in the DARK, on some little cart they borrow from the only guy in town with wheels on his cart. Here’s what happens when the 18-foot crocodile gets his second wind and realizes he’s tied up and being rolled across a marsh to live in a game preserve.

p.s. this particular crocodile turns out to be about 18 feet long, but he is not the killer.  The hunt goes on for a 30-foot crocodile who has been spotted in the same area.

p.p.s. I was really glad Bob called so I didn’t miss the show.

p.s. again: I’m really glad I don’t live in the Phillipines.


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7 Responses to croc me mama like a wagon wheel

  1. Sharon says:

    OMG! I am sooooo happy I don’t live in the Philippines too! And Africa! I’ll explain:
    When I was a kid I had a recurring dream that a crocodile was under my bed waiting to eat me. I had a special routine I’d do before I could fall asleep. I’d jump from the threshold of my room to my twin bed in one leap (my bed was close to the door. I was not an Olympian standing broad jumper, though I did win the standing broad jump trophy in my junior high track meet).

    Once safely in bed, I would count out loud to three, and say, “Get Me!” Then “Too Late.” Since the the crocodile didn’t grab me in the three seconds I gave it to come out from under my bed and chomp me to tiny bits, I was able to sleep peacefully.

    I’m sure you’re wondering, What the heck was wrong with that girl? She grew up in Massachusetts which is halfway between the Philippines and Africa! The Philippines was never the problem. As a grade schooler I barely knew of it’s existence. It was Africa that was the problem. More specifically, the numerous Tarzan movies I watched with my brothers on TV in the late 50’s and early 60’s. A Tarzan movie must have been on every week or two. And we watched all of them. As a result, I was petrified of going to Africa and crocodiles. Johnny Weissmuller fought a crocodile in every Tarzan movie I saw. Those crocs were only about 7 feet. Just big enough to fit under my bed. If it had been 18 feet, I would have slept in my parents bed until I was in high school (that’s when I realized Tarzan was fighting a plastic crocodile).

  2. Pat Coughlin says:

    Tarzan was fighting a plastic crocodile? I’ll sleep better tonight too.

    • Sharon says:

      Ahhh. It’s evident you’ve never watched Tarzan movies. Probably because you didn’t have 6 brothers. I bet you never saw the Three Stooges either.

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. My grandparents went on vacation and brought back a stuffed REAL baby alligator. It was dressed in an outfit and sat on its haunches and had green plastic eyes. I’d swear that thing would come alive at night and hide under my bed, so I’d hang over the bed and look for those eyes, which I was sure would glow in the dark. Sometimes I’d see them….
    The only thing I remember about Tarzan movies was the rope bridge over the swamp filled with piranhas. When someone fell in the water the fish would splash, the water would churn with blood and then the body would disappear. I learned from RIVER MONSTERS that that is *true*!!! We must never go to the Congo. Never ever. Not even to meet Jeremy Wade.

    • Sharon says:

      I agree! Africa and Russia were two places I’d never go, Africa because of the Tarzan movies and Russia because of growing up with Bomb Scare Drills and Bomb Shelters because of the Communists in Russia. Wow! how easily children can be manipulated.

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