i want to be a construction worker


If you have a two-year old (or three or four?) grandchild who loves–and I mean LOVES–trucks, then this is the dvd you have to own.  Real trucks, real dirt, real construction workers.

My grandson has two copies of this dvd, just in case one breaks.  Because without “I Want To Be a Heavy Equipment Operator” (one of four shows on the dvd) life would be one long temper tantrum.

Check it out HERE.

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4 Responses to i want to be a construction worker

  1. Sharon says:

    What is it about trucks, dirt, and boys? My brothers spent hours digging in a gigantic sand box in our back yard with their Tonka trucks. They only had one steam shovel. The strongest got that prize. The others had to sneak into the kitchen and swipe the silver plated serving spoons my father had sent home long before they were born when he was stationed in Japan during the Korean War. I have inherited that set of silverware. I have 8 sets of forks, knives, and small spoons (fortunately, they weren’t big enough to dig with). But I smile every time I search for the serving spoons. Only two are left, one with holes in it (obviously, not good enough for dirt) and one that my mother saved from the sand box. It’s silver plate worn off from it’s life spent as a steam shovel.

  2. Oh, Sharon, that is such a great story!!! Aren’t you lucky you had two girls?!?

    • Sharon says:

      YES! I prayed that I’d have ONLY girls! God must be a woman, she answered my prayers. Now, if I get a grandson, my daughters will be so amazed how much I know about boys. I remember everything! Digging in dirt, rumble-tumble until you split your head on some piece of furniture, and leaving the toilet seat up so your sister falls in the toilet in the middle of the night. AARRRRRGGGH!

  3. Pat Coughlin says:

    Ryan spent hours outside in the dirt with his big yellow Tonka trucks… the old metal ones. He’d be filthy, but happy.

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