350 miles

350 miles is how far we drove this afternoon and this evening.

We got a late start.

Brief recap:  Rhode Island, heat, humidity, sunshine, Connecticut, Wendy’s, New York, Pennsylvania, rain, dark, storm, Wendy’s, lightning, lightning, lightning, low on gas, dark roads, rainy night, GPS not working, happy happy happy in a Best Western.

Glad we missed stopping here:  Clyde Feelings’ REPTILAND.

Sorry we missed it???:  Serenity Massages.

Banjo Man has business meetings tomorrow morning.  I will hole up here in the hotel and write, write, write.  Who knows how many miles we’ll travel tomorrow!



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4 Responses to 350 miles

  1. Ruthrgka65 says:

    Wow….so glad you have sanctuary from the storm. Stay safe.

  2. Janou says:

    Be safe, enjoy the journey, and see you soon!

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