151 miles today but who’s counting

Big day on the road.


If I don’t finish my book by Friday morning, I might as well retire again because my editor will have lost all patience and torn up my contracts.

So we stopped traveling early today, so I could work.  Last night’s 11 PM bedtime, after a dark and stormy night on the road, must not be repeated.  Because I will cry.

I wrote all morning.  Banjo Man had business meetings.

Fact:  Writing used to be a lot easier.

So tonight Banjo Man and I are thrilled to be in a beautiful Holiday Inn just off I-80.  We have a pretty little room with a door onto a huge indoor courtyard and a pool.  I’m getting a French Quarter/New Orleans vibe.

Banjo Man is getting a Subway sandwich.

Fact:  Banjo Man has more energy than I do.

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1 Response to 151 miles today but who’s counting

  1. Tom Fitchett says:

    – little steps work! Remember Glen, it was about 53 years that you made the return trip to Nebraska non-stop.

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