620 miles, research included

2013-06-30 119

We covered some miles today! We left South Dakota before 7 am and traveled through Wyoming and Montana, to Billings. Then the real fun started: researching the books! I’ve written two in a series of three (and maybe more) about a very small town in central Montana, a town that is dying and trying to save itself.

If this sounds like a serious subject, well, it’s not. It’s pure romantic comedy and has no basis in reality.

In order to get the right combination of roads, weather, ranches, etc. I found the town of Winifred, MT on a map and used it as a setting.

So late this afternoon, after getting a hotel room in Lewistown, we headed 35 miles north to see Winifred for ourselves.

This isn’t Winifred.  But I thought it was a cool photo.

2013-06-30 035

This is Winifred. The people here made us feel so welcome and were so friendly and kind. Turns out the town is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Winifred deserves its own blog post, so I’ll save it for a time when I’m not about to go to bed!

2013-06-30 101

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