speeding up, 588 miles further west

We’re in South Dakota, in a Best Western filled with families.  Everyone looks like they’re having a good time with Mom and Dad on the Summer Road Trip.  Hurray for the pool!

It’s easy to remember those days.  “Are we there yet?” “When can we go swimming?”  “I have to go to the bathroom!”

Banjo Man and I have finally figured out how to travel together with minimum stress:

We don’t eat together.  Instead we each eat when we’re hungry, and we eat where we want.  We ate our first meal together today, which was lunch in a gift shop in Bancroft, Nebraska.

(The fact that we were from Rhode Island caused quite a stir in the little restaurant, which wasn’t advertised as a restaurant but was a gift shop.)

 I like to eat a protein bar in the car and not waste time in restaurants.  Banjo Man likes to stop, explore, eat the “daily special”, etc.  He also likes to go to the local grocery stores and buy fruit and snacks.   He enjoys the free breakfast in the hotel; I just want to take a cup of coffee on the road and get in the car.

We no longer make comments about each other’s strange eating habits.

First stop of the day:

2013-06-29 001

I think this was in Iowa.  But very close to Nebraska.  I bought a cup of coffee and a Nebraska football magazine.

Second stop of the day, in Bancroft, Nebraska:
2013-06-29 005

If you enjoy reading about the history of the North American Indians, then you’ll recognize the name. His most famous book was BLACK ELK SPEAKS.

2013-06-29 024

2013-06-29 0092013-06-29 037
2013-06-29 003

Downtown Bancroft.

2013-06-29 062South Dakota and a glimpse of the Badlands.

Wyoming and Montana tomorrow.


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1 Response to speeding up, 588 miles further west

  1. Janou says:

    Whoopee! Hurry on up!!!!!

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