going to town

Many of you ask about life here in north Idaho.

What do you do up there?  

I ride around with my laundry, that’s what I do.  Doesn’t everyone?
And I take pictures of my laundry, too.
Look closely and you’ll see…PEACHES.

2013-07-11 022

2013-07-11 023These are Red Havens, not my favorite.  I’m waiting for the Alberta’s, and then it will be party time.

Going to town is never a spur of the moment decision.  There are lists.  There is structure.  There are lots of things to accomplish, because “town” is 30 minutes away.

On this particular afternoon, I went to town after band practice.  Band practice is “up the mountain”.  It is intense, as we’re learning 14 songs for an August gig.

Yes, I am bragging about having a gig.

Then I went to town.  In town I got gasoline and a cold drink.  I went to the Peach Man!  And then I bought groceries.  You can’t go to town without buying groceries.  I always have empty coolers in my car, along with my laundry.

2013-07-11 025

I bought pork ribs.  Hurray for pork rib sales!

I went to Staples.  Don’t you love the trees?  Hurray for trees!

2013-07-11 026

I bought a monitor.  Hurray for clearance sales!

2013-07-11 024

I went to the laundromat.  Hurray for triple-load washing machines!

And I went to Blimpie, inside Walmart.  Hurray for Tuscan pannini’s with turkey, pepperoni and roasted red peppers!

2013-07-11 028

This was dinner, while my clothes were washing. Excellent timing. Except I forgot my Kindle.  Hurray for eating dinner in the car in front of the laundromat!!!!

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2 Responses to going to town

  1. Connie says:

    OMG! I can’t believe you had enough energy left to go do all of that AFTER our practice session! There wasn’t an ounce of energy left for this old gal!

  2. I was asleep before 9 PM. 🙂

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